What To Do in Canberra in July

Enter July: What To Do in Canberra

If you are a tourist visiting Canberra in July, you will have many fun things to do available in the city and in the vicinity. Since July is wintertime in Australia, there aren’t that many tourists and visitors as in spring or summer months. So, if you visit in July, you will get a more authentic, local experience of Canberra.

This event guide to Canberra is part of our yearly calendar of fun activities to do in Australia’s capital month-by-month. This yearly guide can also be useful if you are trying to figure out which time of year has the biggest number of events that are interesting to you.

July is the coldest month of the year in Canberra and the rest of Australia. The average temperature is around 6 C, and there is often snow. Snow activities are a great way to spend your time in July Canberra. There’s also a Christmas vibe in the air, with eggnog and mulled wine being sold on street stands. If you want to experience the holiday flair in the middle of July, Australia is your destination!

So, here is a quick overview of what to do in Canberra in July:

Christmas-ey Vibes in July

Summer is a sad time for Christmas fanatics because it’s the farthest period away from their favorite holiday. However, if you’re from the Northern Hemisphere, you have a chance to experience winter wonderland in the middle of July!

Walk through the snowy streets, get a glass of mulled wine, drink eggnog… July is Canberra’s December and the cheerful holiday spirit is in the air!

Winter Hiking

There are many locations near and around the city or Canberra where you can go for a hike. Since the slopes are covered with light snow, you can enjoy breathtaking views of white plains and the white landscape of the city.

Visit Wineries

Australia is a country of wineries. No matter if you’re a wine lover or not, you will surely have a great time visiting the quaint and picturesque wineries around Canberra.

Winter is an amazing time to do this. You’ll be able to enjoy the amazing vintage vibe of wineries and cozy up after some time in the snow.

Movies, Concerts, Stand-Up Shows, Exhibitions

Since winter is the ideal time to spend more time indoors, it’s also a popular time for bars, cafes and galleries. There are numerous cinema theaters around Canberra playing both newest and vintage movies. If you’re in the mood for some popcorn and movie-watching in sweaters in July, you can do this in Canberra.

There are also many live music performances in bars, cafes and night clubs. You can also find karaoke nights where you can show off your own singing skills.

The Truffle Festival Canberra

After weeks of truffle hunting, it’s finally time for the Truffle Festival! This event is held from 1st to 31st of July 2019. This is one of the major events for both Canberra’s locals and tourists. Go take a look and taste some yummy truffles!

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