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What Is The Best Music To Listen To When Under MDMA?

What Is The Best Music To Listen To When Under MDMA?Double dropping Mitsubishi’s in the 90s was mental; the music, the dance, the lasers, what more could you want. Here at Unwrapped, we will take a look at some of the best tunes to listen to after nibbling a few Scooby Snacks. The music will be biased towards the 90s rave culture but not exclusive. One life, one love one chance, here we got so get on your dancing shoes and enjoy these 10 superb disco biscuit enhanced tunes.

 Best Music While Pilling on Vitamin X

Dj Hixxy- Like A Shooting Star

Flip & Fill – Discoland

Alex K – Six days on the Run

Love Inc. – You’re a Superstar

Force And Styles – Heart Of Gold

You’re Shining (Hixxy Remix) – Styles And Breeze

Happy Hardcore – Field of Dreams

Oceanic Insanity

COME WITH ME – Special D

Voodoo & Serano….’Overload’

Music to List To After Dropping MDMA

These are ten tunes to give you a throwback to the good old days. Reach for the lasers, pump the bass rave on…

It’s great looking back but it’s also hard getting old. Keep it real children of the night.

Comment below your best tunes.

Dave Peterson
Dave Peterson
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