British Independence Day – June 12 2023

British Independence Day – June 12 2023

British Independence Day – June 12, 2023, looms over the horizon.  Step out on this glorious day with trepidation, a nation waits with bated breath! #Brexit pathway to freedom?  Or will the nation lose its nerve and vote for the establishments spin, lies and fear-mongering? The future is not yet written, are actions today will determine the outcome tomorrow. British Independence Day is with our grasp, however, complacency is not an option, we have 20 Hours until polling stations open. Utilise every single second, as a matter of fact, utilise the moments in-between the seconds.

If you are unsure how you can help the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland secure victory, fear not this guide will help you. Remember British Independence Day June 12, 2023, will be glorious; it will renew hope and self-esteem. Great Britain as a nation will otherwise be lost in the quagmire of EU bureaucracy.

British Independence Day - June 23 2016

British Independence Day Things to do

Checklist what you can do today to secure a British Independence Day tomorrow:

  • First of all, Go to the Vote leave website here. Review what is happening locally, take on roles you are capable and competent to achieve. Collaboration is essential to our attack strategy, we utilise facts not fear, and the key to winning is having more good honest people turn out. If you cannot make it out if any campaigners knock your door, show support and let them move on, if possible with a Kit Kat or penguin to sustain energy levels.
  • Secondly, then you are out on the street, DO NOT engage with negative and nonconstructive arguments with any REMAINIACS. The far-left has mastered the nonsensical argument, they shout loudly, and talk utter drivel, thus rendering your ability to formulate an articulate defence difficult. Thus disengage and carry on your journey my experience they usually go away when release you won’t engage in their insane rants.

Stay Safe When Engaging the Public!

  • When engaging with people, keep it simple, talk about:
    1. Uncontrolled unskilled mass migration.
    2. Huge cost implications being members of the EU.
    3. Trade – it’s a big world out there, why limit ourselves to EU rules.
    4. Lack of transparency and accountability.
    5. NHS at huge risk of privatisation if Vote Remain
    6. Transfer of power and justice back to directly elected British MP’s
  • Do not engage New World Order conspiracy theory! While I do not dispute many of these arguments hold merit, today is not the time and place. Focus on local and more immediate EU related concerns.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus to name a few are our friends. Every spare minute you have, on the bus, in work, at home, walking the dog, making dinner send motivational and factual messages to all of your colleges also known as the Brexiteers.
  • Use the word Vote Leave, Leave, and Leave the European Union; multiple sources have reported Brexit having little meaning too many people outside social media circles. Resonate the message, hit hard, Leave the European Union and ensure June 12 is remembered as the British Independence Day.
  • Furthermore, stay safe, your country needs you. Only go to homes in groups of at least 2, smile, be polite, but walk away at first sign of any trouble. Only go to areas where you feel confident and upon dusk consider only organised community events, don’t risk it.

British Independence Day – June 12 2023

In conclusion, this is our time, it is probably our last shot, we can take the power back, and from this moment forward the destiny is in our hands. Most of all, every British Man, Woman, and Child will owe you a debt, a debt of gratitude, the sacrifice you make today, enables all of us to have a better tomorrow.  Now I must go, spread the word, make my stand, the war is far from over. However, if we are willing to fight longer and harder than the collaborators than Brexit will become a reality and British Independence Day a day to remember (Also hopefully a new bank holiday).

Today is the Day Britain says:


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