What 80s Trends Look Crazy Today

80s Trends Coming Back Today

The 80s are notorious for bad fashion and even worse trends. In fact, this is what we actually remember most about this period. Looking back at that time, it’s hard to believe people actually dressed so badly. If you weren’t around then, you’ll probably have no idea what we’re talking about. So to catch you up, here are some of the 80s worst trends.

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Shoulder Pads For Women

Back in 80s, shoulder pads in women’s suits were seriously popular. This was related to the trend of “power dressing.” A good example of this is the 80s film “Working Girl”, staring Melanie Griffith. In this film you can see some great examples of power suits and shoulder pads.

Leg Warmers

Another horrendous trend aimed at women were leg warmers. These were commonly paired with workout outfits. Even worse, some people would actually wear them with casual clothing.

Pastel Colors

Look at any fashion spread from the 80s and you’ll immediately notice the predominance of bright colors. Back then it was all about color. This included pastel clothing like collared shirts, which were often worn with blazers.

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Animal Print

Another huge trend was animal print. This style extended to everything, from dresses and jackets, to shirts and even coats. Not only that, it was worn by both men and women. Some of the worst offenders were rock stars and hair metal bands.

Ridiculous Hairstyles

Speaking of hair, the styles back then were equally bad. In those days, bigger was considered better. These styles required copious amounts of hair spray and other products. Believe it or not, mullets were also a popular style. Worst of all was the perm, which thankfully fell out of fashion.

Oversized Clothing and Accessories

Just like the hair, everything in the 80s had to be oversized and enormous. This also went for clothing and accessories. The most famous example of this is the giant clock necklace worn by rapper Flavor Flav. People also loved wearing baggy sweaters, jumpers, and blazers.

Acid-wash and Stonewashed Denin

In case you don’t know, stonewashed jeans are those jeans with the white patches on them. These were either made by dripping bleach on your jeans or buying them ready made. Even worse, these were often paired with a jeans jacket. This trend probably seems baffling to modern readers. After all, why would you destroy a perfectly good pair of jeans?

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Swatch Watches

Although these watches are still available today, their greatest popularity occurred during the 80s. This was mostly because they were launched in 1983, but also because they were cheap and came in a variety of garish colors which appealed to 80s kids.


Sequins were everywhere during this period. People wore them on everything. This included covering their clothing from top to bottom with these shiny metals ornaments. This is one trend which we’re not sad to see the end of.


Neon was one of the biggest trends back in the 1980s. If you lived through that time, it’s highly likely that you owned at least one piece of neon clothing.

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