Unplugging: The Best Locations For Mindful Meditation And Yoga In Australia

Practising meditation and yoga is extremely beneficial, as it has been proven to reduce stress, improve attention, boost creativity, and aid in memory recovery. Meditation has even been proven to greatly assist in the enhancement of self-awareness; when greater self-awareness is achieved through meditation and yoga habits, you are better able to steer your thought patterns into more constructive and positive patterns for your emotional health. In Australia, yoga has emerged as the preferred method of strength and flexibility, with over 2.18 million Australians participating in the activity annually and reaping the benefits. Because of the popularity and compatibility with the Aussie culture, there are an endless amount of stunning locations to practise meditation and yoga in Australia that are especially appealing for tourists and new immigrants alike.

Family Locations

Moving to a new country can be an exciting yet stressful time for a family. The many large life changes can increase stress levels and anxiety in children, but meditating and yoga can greatly help calm the nerves and mental restlessness. Teaching children and teenagers the basics of meditation and mindful breathing will give them the tools and techniques to find peace in their minds. Dedicating at least 10 minutes every day as a family to meditate together is best, and this can be done with simple apps (such as Headspace) or Youtube videos. An even better option would be to embark on a family yoga retreat, such as the Calm Kids Retreat in Lamington National Park, Gold Coast, Queensland, which specifically focuses on stress management, anxiety, dealing with challenges and frustrations, and being happy for children. Another option more centred on yoga is down in Tasmania, at the 7 Day Rejuvenating Bikram Yoga Retreat in Deep Bay, which provides a more traditional and holistic yoga approach for a family retreat.

Stunning Beach Locations

There are more than 10 000 beaches in Australia that stretch over 50 000 km, making the country a haven for scenic beach activity, and this especially rings true for meditation and yoga. An essential practice of mindfulness is focusing on the present moment, which is usually done by only listening to your breath, body, and senses. A beach is a perfect setting to reach deeper meditation and is why Australia holds so many great locations. Byron Bay in New South Wales has long been a hot spot for yoga due to the spiritual culture of the town, and the amazing beach. Further North in Queensland is the iconic Gold Coast, with its long and impressive white beaches that are ideal for practising meditation; just ensure you get there first thing in the morning to avoid the busy tourists. And on the West side of the country is Lucky Bay, in the Golden Outback of Western Australia, which holds impeccable views that will ease the mind in a hurry.   

Australia truly holds some of the very best locations to practise yoga and mediation. When relocating to the country, it’s best to take advantage of the amazing spots whilst actively maintaining a healthy state of mind.

What is mindfulness Australia?

A person who is mindful is paying complete attention to what is happening in and around them, moment by moment, without judgment. This means they are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and the qualities of touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. They are also fully aware of their environment.


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