8 Things to do in Cairns City Queensland

Top 8 things to do in Cairns Australia

If you want to make your upcoming vacation, one of the best experiences of your life, then pack your bags and come down to Cairns Australia. The top 10 things to do in Cairns Australia are explained in the article. With quaint surroundings, great coastlines, fantastic weather, a quick escape route to the Great Barrier Reef and a vibrant nightlife, Cairns is the haven for the youth and those that are still young at heart.

This, however, doesn’t mean that it’s only for the youth and families who have nothing to do or see in Cairns Australia. If you have got such an idea, throw it off this very minute as Cairns is indeed one of the most happening cities in Australia, where millions of visitors, including friends and family, flock every year. When in Cairns, you will be able to realize the true essence of your life and your existence and this will open up a whole new dimension of your understanding.

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So, if you are already bent on choosing Cairns as your destination or have already decided on it, then here is a list of the ten places that you ought to cover while in Cairns. Miss any one of them, and your journey will remain incomplete. So, without much ado, let’s get into this word journey, that will unravel the must-visit places that Cairns has to offer:

1. Cairns Australia – The Outer Great Barrier Reef:

With something as incredible as the Great Barrier Reef on its list of offerings, any trip or vacation in Cairns must include dive to the reefs. And if you are wondering why the outer reefs, then it may be said that the outer reefs are more suitable for quite a several reasons, the most important being the best view and the existence of the marine life. Yes, it’s comparatively more difficult and costlier but if you want to feel the extreme thrill at one of the most tranquil regions of the world, the outer reef has to be that. In case, you don’t want to go into the deep waters, you can easily enjoy the outer reef at the pontoons and activity vessels that are moored in the waters. A simple trip to the reefs, even with no diving, can be a treat for a lifetime.

Getting there

To reach the reefs, you need to book your trip with various tour guides and tour planners that offer the visitors several packages. You can spend the entire day or even a couple of hours, either scuba diving or just enjoying it on board the moored vessels.

2. Cairns Australia – Kuranda Trip:

A unique approach to enjoy the natural beauty of tropical rainforests, mountains, gorges and waterfalls, a trip to Kuranda and back can be a once-in-the-lifetime experience at any age. And what makes the trip unique? Well, the travel and also the peaceful village of Kuranda! The trip to Kuranda from Cairns and back can be covered by two means – the Skyrail and the Kuranda Scenic Railway, each taking you over an array of some of the most beautiful natural entities of the region and Australia too. The Scenic Railway has been in existence for more than two centuries and a ride of about 1.5-2 hours will take you over and via the Barron Gorge National Park, 15 tunnels, 40 bridges, waterfalls, rainforests and a whole lot of natural beauties that will attract your admiration. You can opt for one mode for the onward journey and the other for the return journey, thus enjoying the best of both travel routes and modes. While in Kuranda, make sure you visit the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, the Bird World and the Koala Gardens – all maintained for a great display of fauna.

Getting there

Getting to Kuranda is best done via the Skyrail or the Scenic Railway. Give your car a rest and hop on to the train.

3. Cairns Australia – Fitzroy Island:

If you are looking for someplace more secluded with no dearth of activities, then Fitzroy Island would be the ideal fit for you. While most tourists flock to the closely located Green Island, only those looking for a more peaceful time while availing the best amenities sail over to Fitzroy Island. Yes, it’s a bit farther off than the commonly visited Green Island and the journey may be impacted by strong winds, yet those travelling to experience the quintessential beauty of the place travel to Fitzroy. You can enjoy water activities like kayaking and snorkelling, hiking in the local trails, sipping mocktails at the local bars and inevitably, lazying around as much as you prefer without the usual clamour of thousands of tourists.

Getting there

Reaching Fitzroy Island via a cab or car is impossible, for obvious reasons. You either need to hire a boat if you are confident enough and want to travel according to your plans or you may even opt for ferry rides that will cost around $75-$100 for a one-way trip. Ferries take around 45 minutes and are available frequently, throughout the day.

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4. Cairns Australia – Daintree Rainforest:

Another peaceful abode for nature lovers who not only want to admire the great views but feel one with the place. The Daintree Rainforest area is known for its virgin hiking trails, diverse display of flora and fauna and quaint beaches as well. So, whether you want to watch animals in their natural habitats or feel pampered in luxurious natural resorts, Daintree is where you will find yourself in. A large number of tours are arranged by the tour operators based in Cairns and you can join any of them according to your preference.

Getting there

It’s best to join a tour guide whether you are planning to hike or witness the wildlife.

5. Cairns Australia – Paronella Park:

Built by Jose Paronella at the start of the 20th century, the Paronella Park is must visit tour while you are in Cairns. It takes about 3-5 hours to enjoy everything that the park has on offer and is one of the best human nurtured, natural beauties that you can find in Australia. The park includes a castle built in the Spanish style (though it’s in ruins now), lush gardens, waterfalls, and rainforests – all built and nurtured to amaze you. Enjoy a walk through the Tunnel of Love, watch the beautiful Teresa falls, a climb up the Grand Staircase and the cottage and your time will be worth spending.

Getting there

A visit to the Paronella Park should be arranged as a day trip as it takes approximately 1 ½ hour for the onward journey and the cab fare would be around $250-$300.

6. Cairns Australia – Green Island:

For those willing to enjoy the facilities of the Outer Great Barrier Reef at a much lesser pocket pinch, the Green Island is the apt choice. Although it can never beat or even draw equal with the outer reef in terms of water and marine life quality and presence, the Green Island is the most sought after locale for those willing to spend less and experience much more than the money’s worth. So, naturally, the Green Island is more for the layman than for experienced and discerning travellers. If you belong to the second category, sail off to the Fitzroy or the Outer reefs.

Getting there

A smooth, scenic cruise for about 45 minutes from Cairns will take you to the safe and secure Green Island.

7. Cairns Australia – Bungee Jumping:

Although this is more of a must-do than a must-visit, an itinerary of Cairns cannot be complete without bungee jumping. Since the inception by AJ Hackett, Cairns has grown to become popular as the pioneering bungee jumping site in Australia. So, whether you are an adventure lover or someone looking to have the thrill of a lifetime, do book in a slot with AJ Hackett and you will undoubtedly find an adrenaline rush through you as you take that great ‘leap’. So, go ahead, win over your fear and add a feather to your achievements!

Getting there

Reaching the bungee complex will take about 20 minutes via a cab ride with a pinch of about $50.

Atherton Tablelands:

This is another of the day trips from Cairns Australia and offers the visitors a different experience of natural beauty and flora and fauna. The tablelands rise 1000 m above sea level and boast of the Platypus park and the Curtain Fig Tree which is assumed to be 800 years old. Apart from that you may relish the calm surroundings of the village, Milla Milla, Ellinjaa and Zillie falls; the honey, coffee, fruits, macadamia nuts and dairy products. Check the weather here
Getting there

The one-way journey in a cab will take around 2 hours with a pocket pinch of about $250.

6. Cairns Australia – Michaelmas Cay:

Ethereal is just the word that aptly describes this small reef island. But do not go just by its size as the Michaelmas can offer you much more than the touristy spots that are closer to Cairns Australia. For those who love to go ‘a bit’ farther than the usual traveller population, but wouldn’t prefer to venture as far as the outer reefs, the Michaelmas Cay is the perfect spot to choose. With unparalleled marine life and corals, premium visibility, ease of reach and exemplary weather and surroundings, the Michaelmas Cay is a must-visit spot for a day trip.

Getting there

A cruise of about 2 hours will take you to this tiny island also marked as a National Park. You need to book in your berths with the limited tour operators that operate on this route.

8. Nightlife:

As mentioned at the very start, Cairns Australia is quite popular to the youth and people who want to experience the real vibe of life and apart from the great adventures that Cairns offers, another reason for the vibrant lifestyle is the strong nightlife culture that exists here. With innumerable pubs, nightclubs and bars in locales like Grafton, Spence, Sheridan Streets and elsewhere, the nightlife in Cairns Australia is an adventure itself, which is why solo travellers, young adults and backpackers are drawn to the city in millions. If you have to be in a trance, it’s here.

If all these have got you excited, then stop waiting for an opportunity to travel to Cairns. This very moment is the opportunity, grab it and enjoy a vacation – king size!

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