Top Three Attractions in Theodore, Tuggeranong

3 Must See Tourist Attractions to Visit With Your Family in Theodore, Tuggeranong

Theodore is a Canberra suburb in Tuggeranong, Australia. Where you can see beautiful views of nature in person for yourself. It’s a small little town just on the side of the city with many parks you can take strolls in and a friendly neighbourhood.

1. Melrose Nature Reserve

You can take a walk in their hiking trail and view the grand view of the valley from atop and experience wildlife first hand. Many tourists of today repeatedly come here to see the beautiful scenery for one last time. You definitely do not want to miss this, so when you’re in Theodore come visit the melrose nature reserve. The views here are breathtaking.

2. Theodore Shops

A popular local shop in Theodore is the Theodore shop where you can buy anything you want from booze, snacks, icy poles, takeaway, and some tasty coffee to go. They have a craft beer day and other fun small festivities bringing life into the shop. The owners are constantly improving themselves each week and are friendly. You can also buy other food necessities and dinner items from bread, milk, cheese, and vegetables.

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3. Twisted Tulips

While you’re in town, or at the end of your trip head on over to Twisted tulip, a florist shop well known for their beautiful flower arrangements which are made every morning fresh and made beautifully. They also do custom designs by color, size, or pattern-wise, whichever you feel like getting. They give prompt service and their range of flowers come in gorgeous styles.

Stroll Up The Hills!

Theodore is well known for its beautiful Tuggeranong hills which gives you a beautiful view of the little bustling town from above. A visit to Theodore is definitely a relaxing stay away, it’s like taking a dip in water and coming back out. So when you visit Theodore in Canberra, come visit these top three places on the way!

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