Top Three Attractions in O’Connor, Canberra Central

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit O’Connor, Canberra Central

Loved by locals for its parks and greenery, the vast space of O’Connor is tucked away in Canberra Central. It’s the perfect place with plenty of open space for children to enjoy while older people sit back and relax. The many sporting facilities and stunning scenery make it one of the best tourist attractions to visit.

1. Alivio Tourist Park Canberra

A great place to stay! The park has different types of facilities, tennis courts, playgrounds, football area, ping pong tables, pool, spa, children’s play area, and many more! You can admire roaming around the various views from the beautiful skies. It’s perfect for sitting back and enjoying a good book while the little ones go wild! Do visit the Alivio Tourist Park Canberra when you visit O’Connor as it may just surprise you by how much it has to offer!

2. Finn Street Playground

Finn Street Playground has a small playground and plenty of green space for children to run around. Perfect for families to bring their children to play and relax. Lots of seating, and it’s a lovely quiet area. You can take relaxing strolls along the beautiful paths with spectacular views and atmosphere.

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3. O’Connor Enclosed Oval

The O’Connor Enclosed Oval is a great place to get a vibe for the grounds, do some sightseeing with the beautiful views, and also stay fit at the same time. It’s perfect for families to bring their kids to play while they sit back and relax.

Things to do:

  • Nature appreciation
  • Bird watching
  • Walking
  • Dogs are also allowed but on leash
  • Playground types of equipment

See O’Connor Differently

Visiting O’Connor is like living in Canberra’s outskirts but enjoyable. You can enjoy watching the beautiful surroundings. The suburb is green, serene, and has a strong sense of unity. It’s an ideal place to visit and definitely worth the visit!

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