Clothes to Wear While Backpacking Around Australia

What Should You Wear in Australia While Travelling?

Australia is as large as a continent and that is why there is a diversity of weather, temperature, and culture. It is a popular tourist spot which is full of wonders and extravagant places. The beaches, the virgin rainforest, the reef, the roads, and the deserts, everything has its charm. That is why Australia is known as the home to the top landscapes.

Because of the diversity in temperature and climate, you need to be extra cautious while packing your belongings for a trip to Australia. This guide is specially made for all those foreigners who wish to visit Australia and make the most out of their trip.

Let’s move on and learn more about Australia and what should you wear in Australia while travelling ensuring Backpackers make the most out of their trip. 

What Should You Wear in Australian Summers?

In Australia, summers begin in December and end in February. However, March is also quite warm as well. This is the general temperature pattern but keep in mind that it can change as you move to a different region in Australia.

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If you are travelling in summers, then wear light colours and keep your sleeves wrong as the sun is quite strong over there. Moreover, you must also wear sunscreen no matter you are sensitive to the sun or not. Keep the UV of your sunscreen high.

If you are visiting the beach, then keep a hat with you. It should be wide enough to cover your shoulders as well. However, if it isn’t that wide then keep something with you to cover your arms or shoulders. Also, keep sunglasses with you to protect your eyes.

In Northern Australia, the temperature goes as high as 45 degrees. So, it isn’t an ideal time to visit. Even if you visit, keep your attire very light to minimize the issues that may arise from heat and humidity.

  1. Hat Your hat should be wide-brimmed because it is very important to protect your arms, shoulders, and neck from heat and direct sunlight.
  2. Sunscreen A high UV sunscreen is the most important items you need to take with you. No matter you are visiting the beach or open places, sunscreens must be your most vital companion.
  3. Flat shoes/sandals Always keep some flat sandals or shoes with you especially if you have plans to visit the beach. Sandals or flip-flops are the best footwear for summers.
  4. Beach casual Keep some beach attire with you. It can include shorts which are above your knees or bikini. Don’t visit the beaches in your casual clothes.
  5. Clubbing apparel Australia is a lively country and you will hundreds of clubs and pubs everywhere. If you have plans to visit one of them, then keep some fancy attire with you as well

DO NOT Wear:

  1. Tight clothes like jeans or tights during your flight to Australia
  2. Anything which isn’t breathable.
  3. Singlets when visiting beaches. In Australia, the sun is very harsh. So, keep your arms and shoulders covered.
  4. Open shoes or sandals like flip flops while visiting rainforests, bush and trails.
  5. Dark colours especially in summers.

What Should You Wear in Australian Winters?

If you are heading to Australia in winters then your dress choice should be set accordingly.  In many regions in Australia, the nights get cooler and the days are warmer. This pattern is for the whole year. Moreover, in winters, the wind will always follow you wherever you go especially in the coastal areas. Therefore, the first and foremost thing to pack with you in winters is a rain jacket and a windproof jacket.

The best way to save yourself from haphazard is to follow the layering principle in winters. Keep different pieces of garments with you as layers. The following suggestions will help you pack your weekend winter trip bag to Australia:

  1. Singlets (2-3 in light colours)
  2. T-shirts (2-3 in light colours)
  3. Long sleeve shirts (2) and 1 short sleeve
  4. Fleece jumpers.
  5. Trousers (2) and shorts
  6. A rain jacket
  7. A wind-proof jacket
  8. Fleece

Similarly, if you are planning to visit the Mountain ranges in Australia then keep in mind that they are much cooler than the rest of the country. So, you need to pack warm clothes for the mountains as well. You can also take a hiking jacket with you to the mountains. 

Moreover, don’t forget to wear some sturdy shoes for your hiking trip. Although the mountains are much cooler the sun is always there to hit you. So, don’t forget to take your hat and sunglasses with you. Sunglasses are even helpful when you are in the snow.

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