Top 10 Things to Do in The Blue Mountains Australia

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Top 10 Things to do in the Blue Mountains provides a list of fun to take part in. Australia is among those countries where tourism prevailed itself from historic times. The people in Australia have always been fond of travelling, may it be on horseback or a rail or a ship. From the start of tourism, the major focus of attraction included the resorts in close vicinity to the population centres.

The Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, display the oldest of these resorts and visited by tourists. Not only because they live close to Sydney but because of a wide variety of fun-experiences available to visitors.

1. Beautiful Viewpoints

The Blue Mountains have several safe and facilitated viewpoints. These well-built viewpoints offer proper trellis, which makes it easier for the visitors to park their cars and photograph the views. There are around 10 viewpoints from where you can enjoy the breath-taking shade of the mountains with your family.

These facilitated viewpoints also have designated spots where you can enjoy a picnic with your family. Also, enjoy amid valley views with birds chirping around you.

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2. Waterfalls

Apart from the stunning look-outs, The Blue Mountains allow its visitors to enjoy its beauty on foot. There are about 7 waterfalls that the visitors can access safely by walking through the terrain.

The waterfall paths present several tracks made of sandstones, which makes it easy to walk along with your family. These waterfalls comprise bird aviaries and picnic points near them where you can stay, enjoy and photograph nature. Also, experience it in all its serenity.

3. Blue Mountains Hiking

Those looking for an extensive tour of the Blue Mountains, hiking is what you’d want to be doing. Hiking in these mountains allows us to have the time of your life by experiencing the magnificence of nature along with a touch of adventure.

The area teems with hiking trails that have stupendous rivulets, waterfalls, basins, and viewpoints along the way. These trails also include small ponds and water streams where visitors can stop to rejuvenate and take a break.

4. Off-Roading and ATV Tours

The Blue Mountains swarms with 4WD car trails where visitors take part in multiple tour day-trips and explore a portion of the mountains in a short time. These car trails allow us to discover places in the mountains where hikers struggle to reach.

All you need to do is book yourself a 4WD or ATV mountain tour along with a tour guide. It unlocks the opportunity to enjoy picnics at serene spots, wildlife adventure at different wildlife parks, tours of wildflower fields along with the chance to bush-camp at various spots.

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5. Top Blue Mountain Open-Air Activities

To get a much more adventure-packed experience of the mountains, the opportunity of open-air activities is also available. These mountains have cable cars, river sports, jet-pack rides, and much more for those who wish to stir up the beauty of nature with adventure.

These opportunities are also manageable for families as the options of canoeing become available. Visitors receive the opportunity to explore the water routes along with curious rock formations in the area.

6. Blue Mountains Australian Museum Tours

These mountains can leave you stunned not only by the scenic tours and adventures they possess but also due to the antiquity they carry within them. The Blue Mountains contain a lot of historical tracks and abandoned towns, villages, and mines in its vicinity.

Norman Lindsay Museum, Lithgow Small Arms Museum, and Katoomba Antique Center are among the very few places where you can stimulate your oddity for history.

7. Farm and Village Tours

Even though most of the activities in these mountains are for you to enjoy with your family, but still the kids can get jaded. Well, luckily enough there are several beautiful farms and villages where you can take day-trips and enjoy a few hours quiescent with your family.

The routes to these villages and farms are themselves a treat because of the beauty they carry in them. It fills us with scenic cliffs and valley views. The farms have the freshness of trees and fruits open to people of all ages.

8. Top 10 Wilderness Games and Workshops

The Blue Mountains leave no breach for providing fun for families. The time in the mountains can be enjoyed educationally by taking a day-trip with the WilderQuest and the mountain ranger workshops.

These trips preferred for the kids help to build up their interest in learning about wildlife and how to survive with it. These workshops include the basics of camping and scouting, getting familiar with kinds of plants and animals found in the mountains, and it also has treasure hunts to entertain the entire family.

9. The Blue Mountains Australia Food and Wine Tours

Adventure and fun are not the only things that these mountains have a variety of, The Blue Mountains offer a wide assortment of foodstuff and drinks to enjoy from. Near these mountains lie a great number of wineries and botanical gardens where individuals can take day-trips.

Visitors relish them with the best food and wine with breathtaking views in front of them. Apart from these wineries, nearby towns have a lot of cafes and tasty food to offer.

10. Top 10 Blue Mountains Shopping

A trip to these mountains can never be a forgettable one, and visitors can make these even more memorable by buying souvenirs from the market. The market includes all kinds of shops for the interest of all age groups.

Small day-trips with visits to all the adjacent markets can be made within a couple of hours. The markets have candy and chocolate shops for kids and teenagers while middle-aged and older people can exhilarate themselves with visits to the antique shops.


Top 10 things to do in the Blue Mountains Australia allows tourists to explore nature to the fullest. Tourism is an ever-growing industry and there is no wonder because countries like Australia have invested so much into it. The reason behind the vast expansion of adventures and natural sites like the Blue Mountains offer is to make such wild tourism experiences accessible for people of all ages and conditions.

The Blue Mountains arbitrated natural sites but also offer a blend of nature, adventure, and the history contained in them.

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Top 10 Things to Do in The Blue Mountains Australia

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