Android vs IOS – A Debate That Causes More Tension Than North Korea

Android vs IOS

Android users and iPhone users have been arguing about which one’s better for a long time now. Both of them have good arguments. Let’s see some of them so you can decide which one do you prefer. We’ll start with IOS.

1.Not A Lot Of Choices

Simply put, in the iPhone world we don’t have a lot of devices to choose from. We basically get a few phones and that’s it.

2. Iphone Has A Pretty Locked System

IOS just doesn’t allow us to “play” with its system and change it however we like. It doesn’t even allow us to transfer files from or to our PC just by plugging in a cable. Instead, you have to download iTunes to do all of that. Sure, it’s not that complicated, but why does it have to be complicated at all?

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3. The Good Side Of IOS Being Locked

That means that it is a highly stable system. A lot more stable than Android. It also means that the phone won’t “bug” and will work perfectly even after 2 years of using it.

4. Apple’s Design

We can all agree that Apple products look really good and modern. And even though that has no effect on the system itself, it’s pretty cool to look at. And we all love pretty things.

Now let’s examine the Android world.

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5. A Lot Of Choices

We can basically choose anything. There are countless phones and different brands that use the Android operating system – Samsung, Google Pixel, Nokia, HTC, LG, Lenovo, Sony, etc. All in all, there are over 24,000 different Android devices. This means that you can choose pretty much anything – camera resolution, size of the phone, different designs and much more.

6. Android System Is Completely Unlocked

This means that you can do anything you like with your system – install a different one, install mods and nearly everything that comes to your mind. However, unlike IOS, this can make your Android device unstable.

7. No Itunes

Like we said before – just plug in a cable and freely transfer files. It works more or less like a USB Flash memory.

It’s safe to say that both sides have great arguments. However, it’s somewhat silly to even compare the two. They are two completely different worlds and each exists on its own. It’s just the matter of which one suits your needs best. So, which one do you like more?

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