Museum of New and Old Art – Tasmania

The Museum of New and Old Art is a wonderful art Museum of Tasmania. This beautiful art museum is located within the Moorilla winery right on the Berriedale peninsula in Hobart. One interesting fact about this museum is that it is the largest privately funded museum of Australia. Also known as MONA, this museum is certainly a visit for it entertains a number of fascinating antiques and collections. The Museum of New and Old Art of Hobart also showcases live performance and public art for the entertainment of the visitors.

Background of the Museum of New and Old Art:

The Museum of New and Old Art was officially established in the year 2011. However, the precursor to this museum was established in the year 2001 by the millionaire David Wash. This museum was closed in the year 2007 in order to undergo various renovations that cost for $75. The new museum was officially introduced on the 21st of January in the year 2011. Interestingly, this introduction coincided with the third MONA FOMA festival of Hobart. The most precious collections at the Museum of New and Old Art include Monanism, Ten Years of Tears and the Red Queen.

Explore The Rich Collection Of Antiques at MONA:

It is one of the most famous attractions in Tasmania. This museum consists of fine interiors and architect. There are around 300 artworks on its display. The owner of this museum describes this place as the ‘subversive adult Disneyland’. The rich collection at this museum ranges from the old Egyptian Mummies to contemporary art which is certainly thought provoking. Besides the museum, the Museum of New and Old Art also comprises of Moorilla winery and vineyard, Ether Building Function Centre, Wine Bar and Barrel Room, Mona Library and many more.

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