Top 10 Things to Discover in the Bungle Bungles of The Kimberley’s

Must Visit These Top 10 Things in the Bungle Bungles of The Kimberley’s

Top 10 things to discover in the Bungle Bungles of The Kimberley’s include several off-road opportunities. Australia is home to some most toured and adorned national parks in the world. One of which is the Purnululu National Park. This park is a much-acclaimed tourist attraction because of its Bungle Bungle Range.

Located in the west of Australia near Kimberley, it is one of the most remarkable ecological benchmarks that offers a series of wild and adventurous experiences to its visitors. After being declared a heritage site in 2003, The Bungle Bungles have experienced a growth in tourism.

1. Bungle Bungles – Bird’s-eye View

The Bungle Bungles is so vast that for anybody who wishes to discover each detail, it is impossible to tour the entire region on foot. Fortunately, the opportunity to explore this enormous landscape is available by helicopters and hot-air balloons.

This unique experience offers you to fly across the Gibb River road over the muddy cliffs and hills, exploring the hidden canyons, puddles, and rock formations.

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2. Discover Off-Roading The Kimberley’s

Kimberley, Australia is not only home to giant mountains and landscapes like The Bungle Bungles but it gives access to stunning tracks for off-roading and picnicking. May it be a tour with friends or with family, routes like Broom to Darwin or Broome to the Bungles offer a variety of off-roading options.

The area presents several crystal clear water pools, sandy sit-stops, and canyon lookouts where you can travel using a 4WD. You can hire tour guides to accompany you to some of the most striking and isolated spots.

3. Top 10 Discovery – The Kimberley’s Aboriginal History

Apart from the scenic beauty, this region holds the history of Aboriginals of Australia. Over 40,000 years the area became occupied by the Aboriginals. For this reason, a range of rock art and engravings became embraces the park.

Guided tours allow us to experience the history of the Aboriginals while we walk amongst the bushes. We also receive an opportunity to experience the ambience left behind by the indigenous people.

4. The Bungle Bungles Camping Sites

For those who wish to spend more time in the region and experience the atmosphere of The Bungle Bungles, camping options are available. Even though the region is far from the city population, but still, the facilities provide a comfortable stay for individuals and families.

The region consists of two public camp-sites, Kurrajong and Wallardi, and a private camping-site at Bellburn. They create these sites near waterfalls, lookouts, and the famous 4 river system of the region for the campers to adore.

5. Sunset of The Western Wall

The Kimberley’s permit us to visit the Western Wall and experience discovery. In a landscape like this, even the smallest details look so mesmerizing and the larger picture becomes prettier. With high rocks, muddy hills, and ancient rock formations all around, sunset in this region remains extraordinary.

After the Echidna Crevasse, a steep trail almost two-kilometre long, leads to a cavernous canyon, scattered with stones. From this spot onwards we take a few more steps until an open sunset-watch area appears. This is the point where you sit back and enjoy the fascinating view of the sunset. The light pours all over the peaks of these giant geological structures.

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6. The Kimberley’s Flora and Fauna

Top 10 Things to discover in the Bungle Bungles of The Kimberley’s includes flora and fauna. The tourism regions of Australia are not only rich in history, but they are also home to some unique flora and fauna in the world. The environment of these remote terrains provides a surprising number of inimitable plants and animals live here.

According to the recorded discoveries, they discovered about 200 species of plants in this region along with 13 spinifex types. Also, native birds of over 130 species occur in this region. The park offers guided tours fauna and flora tours to interested travellers as well.

7. Stargazing

The Bungle Bungles remains full of surprises, and it does not limit these miracles for day visitors only. After a thrilling and shocking day full of hiking, off-roading, and camping, another fascinating view awaits us. This region is far away from the population, which makes it safe from the pollutants.

Therefore, they regard the park as one of the best stargazing spots, with tourists arriving from all over the world for it. Set up a tent, hold your drink in one hand, and just face the sky until you form a transcendent connection with this land.

8. Discover the Acoustics of the Bungle Bungles Cathedral Gorge

Places like these remain full of surprises and we never guess the next thing that can take you by surprise. Cathedral Gorge a trail 4 kilometre away from The Bungle Bungles offers an astounding geographical construction which remains a treat for the eyes and the ears.

With the tall Rocky Mountains on all sides, Cathedral Gorge produces the best acoustic effects equal to those at world’s best opera houses. The natural placement of sand structures and rock formations create this mind-blowing miracle.

9. Discover Top 10 Things: Geology

Even before the time when the Aboriginals occupied these lands, they exposed this region to a variety of environmental impacts. From storms to monsoon rains these giant sand structures took millions of years to develop their formations and landscapes.

The signature orange-grey blend of The Bungle Bungles is because of the layers of rock beneath these structures. The dark-coloured rocks allow water to flow through them, which gives rise to the growth of biological life like algae and the grey colour. The orange colour shows the rich mineral deposits embedded in these rock formations. Studies on the samples of rocks discovered a magnitude of geological wonders, rock formations and paleontological pieces of evidence.

10. The Bungle Bungle Family-friendly Viewpoints

Discover the top 10 things in the Bungle Bungle of Australia. Terrains like these remain far away from population and require hundreds of kilometres of road-trip. But with the level of exploration and tourism that these regions experience, the park developed a range of family-orientated spots.

Kimberly region of Australia, especially The Bungle Bungles of Kimberly, displays traces of high cliffs and iconic viewpoints. These viewpoints changed into popular family destinations for small picnics. Piccaninny Creek, Whip Snake Gorge, Domes Walk, etc are among the most famous ones.


Top 10 things to discover in the Bungle Bungles of The Kimberley’s allow for fun and exploration opportunities. Australia invested a giant fortune into tourism and offers a home to many heritage sites in the world. The Bungle Bungles of Kimberly is a combination of enormous stunning sceneries that allows visitors to not only enjoy the serenity and enormity of nature but also to explore the wonders of geology, biology, and history contained in it.





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Top 10 Things to Discover in the Bungle Bungles of The Kimberley’s

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