Cycling In Australia: 3 Of The Best Places To Ride

Top 3 Place in Australia To Take Your Cycle Out For a Ride

Cycling is on the rise in Australia. In fact, it is now among the top five most popular sports in the country. The health benefits of the sport are clear, improving mental well-being, cardiovascular fitness and endurance, to name just a few. And with so many beauty spots to visit, cycling is an ideal way to combine getting out and seeing Australia with a more active physical pursuit. Here are three places to help get you started.

Perth City Cycling

Many high-end bikes offer a hybrid function, working equally well for short city commutes and longer tours or trails. If you’re cycling Australia, finding a bike that is able to handle different types of terrain is a smart choice, allowing you to cycle in both the natural and urban routes on offer. Cycling round a city is a great way to get to grips with the area, and is a good place to start. Cycling is fast becoming a top priority for the City of Perth, with focus shifting away from cars to bikes in a multi-million dollar infrastructure spend. Comprehensive cycle routes means you’ll be able to travel quickly and safely through areas of the city on over 200 dedicated pathways. Or, if you’re interested in seeing more of the natural world, routes out to Swan river or along the coastline are well within reach for even the newest cyclists. 

Rottnest Island Roaming

Just off the coast of Perth, Rottnest Island offers an excellent place for cyclists to roam. Travelling there is either a 25 minute ferry from Fremantle, or 90 minutes from Perth’s Barrack Street Jetty. Virtually entirely flat, the island has over 60 beaches to explore with no vehicle traffic at all, save for the occasional bus. This island would be well suited to either a road bike or a trail bike if you fancy going off-road. A 25 km round trip means that the Rottnest can easily be looped in a day, and the lack of cars makes for a much calmer ride all round. As an island practically dedicated to cycling, Rottnest is a must for anyone with a bike in WA.

Great Ocean Road By bike 

Once you’ve conquered the routes Perth and Rottnest have to offer and are feeling a little more adventurous, the Great Ocean Road might be your next step. Arguably one of the best known roads in Australia, the Great Ocean road is a cycle tour like no other. Starting from Warrnambool in the West is recommended, given that the prevailing winds come from that direction, which is ideal if you’re planning on coming down from Perth. The route out to Geelong is roughly 266 km and is not for the faint of heart. That said, the stunning sights and panoramas that can be achieved on the road more than make up for the effort put in.

With these ideas in mind, cycling around Australia might prove even more appealing. Starting off in Perth is an excellent way to gauge your level, with cycle friendly roads and a burgeoning community already well underway to help get you started. And for the more athletically minded, the Great Ocean Road offers the perfect challenge for those really looking to push themselves to their limits. No matter how proficient you are, however, you are sure to see some breathtaking sights exploring Australia by bike.

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