Top 10 Movies Like The Hangover That All Men Must Watch

Top 10 Movies Like The Hangover That Will Make You Laugh

Top 10 movies like The Hangover that all men must watch. The Hangover when it came out in 2009, I felt like it was a snapshot from my younger days. Most guys born in the 80s will agree it was a golden age for partying, alcohol and uninhibited fun, yea you may have messed up, but the only other folks that bore witness also were messed up thus no drama. Anyway, I am sure you will agree aging has some benefits but also some reservation’s but what does that matter, we have our memories, or lack of them to make up for the shortfall.

The Hangover for me was such a defining moment I immediately related to the dysfunctionality, poor choices and trying to bridge the gap. Here are ten other movies like The Hangover that will help you relive your youth (and a few recent non-memories) that we all soon on the surface forget, but deep down love them.

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 10 Movies Like The Hangover fans Will Love

1.    Old School No 1 Movie Like the Hangover

Top 10 movies like The Hangover that all men must watch actually starts with Old School. Anyone that came of age during the ’90s can respect Old School, the wide portfolio of characters made the movie unforgettable. Hank, the Tank for me, was a memory I love to have but would rather forget, Aging yet not wanting to let go of the past is something we can all relate with. The movie has its issues for working-class guys, for example, I never knew a multimillionaire business owner, but the parties, the drinking sessions and the poor choices are we cling onto youth is something we can all relate to (well at least all the pissheads). Old  School is a  must for al party animals and never forget you always have one last dance. With a quality mix of emotion, days go by and epic drinking sessions, any guy between 30 and 40 can relate to the madness. 

Old School No. 1

2.    Hangover Part 2 2011 Rinse and Repeat

For me, as a stand-alone movie the Hangover Part 2 is fantastic, I heard the criticism of a repeat of part 1 but not bothered with it, drinking has no rules. Think about it how many of your weekends were the same, go out, get pissed, have fun, maybe pull a bird, perhaps not, live for the weekend. I remember not knowing quite what happened on too many occasions and dreading that phone call, WTF you did last night, only to feel the need to complete a series of quests to put the previous night antics firmly in the rearview mirror. If you cannot relate to this then you lived a different life to me. Gladly I have moved on, but the Hangover Part 2 is guaranteed to leave scary stitches. Stu’s song sums everything up; it’s a movie anyone with a brutal hangover and a story to tell won’t regret watching.

Hangover Part II

3.    The Wedding Ringer 2015

The Wedding Ringer 2015, well what can I say Kevin Hart is a genius. This movie captures everything wrong with the world, yet also sets right the life we should be living. One life, one chance one opportunity, yet we go through life thinking about what we should do and not actually doing what makes us who we are.  The chemistry between Hart and Gad is very realistic. A paid service of flawed characters delivers a heartfelt performance of two guys trying to make their way through a challenging world. This movie explores all that is wrong with the modern lifestyle and exposes the possibilities for an open mind. The Wedding Ringer will not only make you laugh but also make you think deeply about what matters along the way. The Wedding Ringer remains a definite on the Top 10 Movies like The Hangover that all men must watch.

The Wedding Ringer

4.    American Pie 1999 Classic Teenage Dilemmas

American Pie was and is a defining comedy of the late 90s and brings me many many fine memories of my youth. I won’t go into much detail in case my mum reads this, but this one time at band camp… For anyone looking at remembering their Teenage years, American Pie is a must-have. It explores a rich diversity of hormones, youth and the unknown. Being a virgin in the late 90s was something, yet this movie dies not to obey today’s norms. Exploration of the birth of the internet, epic parties and brutal relationships make this movie one to enjoy, while also reflect on a youth that was filled with some of our best and worst memories. Would I change a minute of it? No do I have regrets yes? American Pie is a well deserved 4th place on my top 10 The Hangover like movies.

American Pie

5.    Pitch Perfect 2012 Music Magic

Top 10 movies like The Hangover that all men must watch, I definitely talk about Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect tells the tale of youth, bad choice and a shit load of fun thorough a female perspective. It’s magnificent, the music, the drama the songs are all fantastic, but more than that it’s a beautifully funny and hell story of a bunch of chicks trying their best to make it through college and have a little fun along the way. Full disclosure here I think Brittany Snow is the most beautiful woman on earth (except my wife) so I am biased for this movie; however, the fun, the drama and the piss-taking make it not only fun but memorable. My favourite scene is with Bellas training, and Anna Kendrick slowly drags the chair away; we can all relate to this at some point in our difficult past. This movie can be enjoyed by the family but also individually and certainly places a well-deserved 5th on the list.

Pitch Perfect

6.    Last Vegas 2013 The Last Stand of the Cool Guys

Last Vegas 2013 all men must watch. Aging is inevitable but who the hell said we could not have a bit of fun on the way. Last Vegas 2013 reminds me so much of my Grandfather, his name was Kelvin and to me and my cousin Pete an absolute legend. Grandad Jones used to say if the ashtray is not nailed to the table it is a crappy pub. Last Vegas reminds us we all have a past, ambitions and on our way out still have a lot of fun. While also paying homage and telling us of the baggage we carry along the way. Last Vegas is a fun, yet reality check movie of the opportunity we have on the earth and brings into laser focus the need to have fun until the end. With side spittling scenes and emotional baggage, this movie will make you smile, laugh and cry. What more could you want, watch, enjoy and reflect?

Last Vegas 2013

7.    Tag 2018 Never Stop Enjoying Your Life

Tag I say is another all men must watch movie. Tag 2018 is a beautiful movie filled with hilarity. The favourite scene in this movie for me comes with a killer soundtrack of Danzig and Mother. Tag is more than its soundtrack; the movie covers ageing, brotherhood, fun and the inevitable we all face. Life sometimes, well all the time catches us up in its serious nature. Work, bills, food, shelter, kids, however, Tag brings us back to fun, games, enjoyment and well, to be honest, a no-care attitude. If you are looking for a message on how to live in the moment, and just how fragile life is then Tag is for you, the movie shows us all how to have a little fun along the way.

Tag 2018

8.    Due Date Two men Different backgrounds One Destination

Due Date was an all men must watch a movie that I initially watched due to Zach Galifianakis however I am glad I did. At times it’s really annoying but other is just simply beautiful. Due date explores two men brought together in the most unlikely situation and shows how relationships can form out of the most unlikely environments. In the movie, my favourite scene takes place in a money transfer centre when the main characters unwittingly disrespect a disabled veteran with both genuine and humorous consequences. Sometimes to find yourself, you have to let go, and yes, I expected the precious new baby to pop out black.

Due Date

9.    Horrible Bosses 2011

Horrible bosses 2011 is honestly a crack; however, full disclosure I fancy Jennifer Aniston big time. This definitely receives a spot on the Top 10 movies like The Hangover that all Men Must Watch list. The movie explores three dudes that are down on their luck working for the machine and with lives to fund. What I love is the plans these guys makeover a few veers are ones we can all relate to, the difference is they actually try and carry them through. An all-star cast whatever that means brings us a movie to enjoy and treasure for a bit of escapism, asking the question what if. My favourite scene is Jennifer Aniston takes the pants off a guy who is not actually under anesthetic, and it becomes apparent her sick game is up, however deep down it’s obvious she doesn’t give a shit. This is a great movie, its funny and throws PC bullshit out the window.

Horrible Bosses

10. 21 & Over 2013 Tragically Funny

21 and Over 2013 is both hilarious and tragic at the same time, the surreal nature of the movie along with the undertones of anxiety we all face makes it what it is. These guys desperate to hang onto the last year of their youth undertake a funny as happy night to forget. The movie explores the pressure of entering adulthood, failure and self-identity. At times the scenes are extreme but reading between the lines you experience friendship, insanity and a shit load of fun along the way, 21 and Over id a well deserved 10th Place on my list of Top 10 Movies Like The Hangover that All Men Must Watch.

21 & Over

Conclusion Top 10 Movies Like The Hangover that All Men Must Watch

Life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, and we all have a past, yet some movies capture elements of our history better than others. Top 10 Movies Like The Hangover that All Men Must Watch is a list of side-splitting moves most normal  (well my definition of normal) men can relate to and enjoy. The diversity of character may take personality to extremes, but it does not matter. We have all been Stu from Hangover and Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect and a Zach from Due Date, but none of that matters, one life, one chance has fun and enjoys these movies, but most of all remember all of our difficult pasts. Share your Top 10 Hang Over Like Movies so we can all re-experience through film or complicated past.

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Top 10 Movies Like The Hangover that All Men Must Watch

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