The Urban Life is Killing Your Soul! Why Not Go Rural?

Urban Life or Rural Life? Which is Better?

Do you live in an urban environment? If you do, there’s a high chance you’re suffering from a stressful lifestyle.

An example of urban problems is obesity. The urban lifestyle is highly sedentary. Even the jobs we do today do not involve much use of muscle activity. At most, you may be working in an office, with the most exhausting motions being a “walk to the water cooler.”

You also have other issues, such as a lack of exposure to nature. You have individuals who suffer from problems like high stress and low tolerance for strict structures. There are truly many problems to mention, and we’ll be listing those in this article, one by one.

Let’s Start With the System…

The urban life is not something many of us choose. It’s a meat-grinder we’re all shoved into from childhood.

Let’s start with the external structures of childcare and schooling. At the age of 4-5, a child gets sent to school to start a lengthy process of education. For years, a person travels back and forth to school, expending most of their energy.

That alone conditions an individual to accept a stressful lifestyle as normal. Do take into consideration that to this day, we still operate with an ancient school model. We operate using outdated classroom models that serve to bore for no practical benefit.

Yes, the school doesn’t have any practical benefits. We’ll be discussing that at another time…

The current school systems follow the Prussian model. Surprisingly, this is an 18th-century model. We’re not even sure why such a model continues to exist to this day.

We speculate its laziness on the part of the legislation.

College and The Workforce.

We then get to the college stage. If you manage to survive the system without a nervous breakdown, you now find yourself in a financial hellhole.

A good college education isn’t cheap, and for sure it is not free. If you want to get into a top college, you’ll be putting yourself into debt, just to get into the workforce.

Thus, you now suffer from the stress of extreme debt, with minimal skills to pay it off.

You see, while college provides a certificate, it doesn’t give you experience. On top of the stress to study, you’ll be getting an internship to train for an entry position.

Internships are basically free labor. This is besides the financial hole you’ve created to pay for college.

The stress simply piles up from there. Once you do graduate, you’ve got to support yourself while paying the debt. You’re going to be living in horrible conditions, with barely enough cash to pay rent.

You’ll be worrying about a soul-sucking job you don’t like, yet is necessary for you to make ends meet. Of course, the problems do get worse in case you’ve decided to start a family young. If you’ve got a partner and a kid before 30, you’re pretty much on a path of infinite stress.

Psychological and Physical Fatigue.

The system you’re supporting with your life provides you no value years down the line. In fact, it’s robbing you of happiness and content as we speak.

There’s a lot more to the financial loss of the urban lifestyle. For one, you have the plastic feel of life. You feel like you’re living an artificial existence, simply to consume and die. The environment you’re in ties your value to how much you consume.

Thus, you get cultures that are obese and lacking in fitness, wondering how they turned that way. It’s because of the surrounding conditioning!

We are also conditioned to jealousy. We play comparison games over petty achievements with no value. You live a life of “keeping up with the Joneses’” being piled with endless debt and stress…

What’s It All For in the End?

You’re living a stressful life to fit into a system that gives you no value in return.

Let’s start with the money. The money is the obvious part. You’re in debt for most of your life, and if you’re lucky, you’re barely making ends meet. If you’re luckier, your bank accounts aren’t in the negative.

You’re living a life of running just to stay in place. It’s truly a classic hamster wheel lifestyle.

You’ll be going through this system, trying to save up funds to drop your kids into the same system. Think about that for a second. The children you are currently supporting will experience your stress decades down the line…

Why not spare them the pain, by adopting a different but healthier lifestyle?

An Urban Runaway to a Rural Environment.

Do take into consideration that we’re not recommending a hippie wonderland of “no work.” Instead, we want you to be a productive and valuable contributor to humanity. But to do so, you must first ensure your own happiness.

Making the rural move really eliminates a lot of the stress from your life. It’s a slower life, with not much stress. You’re closer to nature, where it’s fresh and clean.

As a general rule, moving to a rural (or less urban) location means you’re going to settle there. It’ll be a calmer environment, away from crowdedness and noise.

Yes, there will not be much pollution in a rural location. You won’t be afflicted by the masses of individuals you must witness daily for errands in the city. You won’t be annoyed by the noise of vehicles zooming past your place on a constant basis.

It’s a really quiet and comfortable life. It’s also one that is conducive for productivity and creativity.

Your Quality of Life Will Increase.

While you won’t be striving to own as much as you have in the city, your life quality will skyrocket. With no distractions and more nature, you can enjoy the simpler aspects of life.

And that’s what life is all about anyway. Throwing decades to waste to get items and achievements that stress you out is a waste. Living a simple and enjoyable life is what you should seek!

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