Top 10 Games: Engage Your Family and Play Games During Lockdown

Top 10 Games You Can Play With Your Family During Lockdown

Top 10 Games: engage your family and play games during lockdown. Coronavirus has struck the world all over and caused much destruction until now. Most of the governments have opted for a lockdown in their country.

The lockdown period impacts on the daily lives of our children. They carry high levels of energy and constantly need help to stay busy. What about playing with them as we used to? It sounds simple enough, but we live in a world where we fail to give our children the attention they need. It’s a fun idea to play games with our kids and relaxes you as well.

Here we list 10 family games that you can play with your family and spend good quality time with them during the lockdown.

1. Hide and Seek

Hide-and-Seek is one of the interesting top 10 Australian family games people of any age can play. Yes! You all must think it is a kid’s game, but children love to find the grown-ups in secret places around the house or apartment. Now let’s move towards the details of this game. Many of you know it and many of you must wonder how to play the game.

The game allows two or more people to play. So one person closes their eyes and counts to ten. The others hide. Now you need to find the others, and it creates lots of fun.

The other variation of this game is that only one person hides and the other players find him, the person who finds the hidden person last will be the hider in the next round.

2. Let us Play, I Spy

As the name suggests, I Spy is a fun top 10 guessing game. This is a good way to engage your family and play games during COVID-19 Lockdown. The game requires no equipment and can be played while sitting and can include the aged members of your family.

Now let me tell you how the game is played. One player is the spy and the person will select the item silently. Means he will select the item in his mind that is visible to other players in the room. The person will say “I spy with my little eye… and will say the first letter of the object chosen”. Other players guess the item by asking simple questions like “is it on your left” or “what’s the colour”, the spy will give the players simple clues and the players guess the object. Make sure the object is visible to every player that is playing.

3. Scavenger Hunt The Australian Way

The other name of this top 10 game is the treasure hunt. This is a fun game. It’s a creative yet interesting one of the family games.

They usually play Scavenger Hunt in small teams with many variations. Keep a treat at the end of the game. The most common method of playing this game is that the organisers of the game who are not playing make a list of items that need to be found. The organisers write the clues of those items and distribute the clues among the teams equally. The last clue of all the teams is usually the same and leads you to the treasure or prize. The team that reached the treasure first becomes the winner.

4. Musical Chairs

Many of you know how to play the game and have fun. The musical chair is one of the easy family games that is played in almost every part of this world. The game is played by eliminating the players one by one. They set chairs according to the number of players in the game. They will set 6 players and 5 chairs in the first round and the song will play. When the song stops everybody has to sit on the chairs, it will eliminate the person left standing. The next round will contain 4 chairs then. They will repeat this until it leaves one player at the end and he will be the winner of the game.

5. UNO A

UNO is a family favourite card game that offers many variations of play. Officially, only four players can be included, but you can play as you want. It requires strategy and mindfulness while you judge others and win. This is like other card games, but it is popular as a distinct game with different rules.

6. Enjoy Pictionary

Take part in Pictionary and engage with your family. I always tried to make good drawings and with efficiency and sadly I failed every time. My drawing may be bad, but not yours necessarily. If you love art, this game is for you. There is nothing difficult to know about the game. You have to just draw about a word that is coming into your mind and your teammates have to guess it.

7. Engage the Family with Hop Scotch

Top 10 Games: Engage your family and play games during lockdown and include the most popular game Hop Scotch. As you have to play indoor family games, so you use masking tape to draw a hop-scotch pattern on the floor of your balconies or any room you like. This game can provide hours of fun to both adults and children as well. Each player of the game has a stone, button or any marble. Throw the stone on any number and when you hop you skip that number and while on the way back you pick that stone and come back. Many examples of the game one can find on the Internet.

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8. Simon Says

This game Simon Says is also one of the most played family games. This requires the players to focus and respond quickly. It declares one player as Simon and the person gives the instructions starting with “Simon says…. “ Player who failed to complete the command or completed the command that doesn’t start with “Simon says” is out.

9. Charades

Charades is an interesting and enjoyable family game that is played worldwide and you can enjoy during lockdown. I am sure it is one of the top 10 games we like the most. The common method of playing is that there are two teams, one member of each team is told the movie or any song by the other team and he has to make his team guess the movie or song by only actions.

10. Experience

If you are not in a mood of serious activity and want to relax with a fun-filled activity as well. You can opt for top board games as they require no activity and can provide you with a fun-filled evening. Ludo, Chess, Scrabble or Carrom. Choose any game you like and play it with its official rules or with some twists. 


Top 10 Games: Engage your family and play games during lockdown. Human beings need to stay busy and during these lockdown times, it creates challenging times for us. But we need to look at the positive side and take time to play games with our kids. This allows us to develop a closer family relationship than we experienced before.

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Top 10 Games: Engage Your Family and Play Games during Lockdown

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