What The Next 35 Years Hold In Store For The Human Race? Will Artificial Intelligence Be Are Demise Or An Opportunity For A Bright New Future?

The Future of Humanity

The journey explored here, will attempt to explore a timeline of probable technological advances, the journey to robotic autonomy and free thinking and evolution in human consciousness.   The human experience has changed beyond all recognition within the last 100 years; the collective minds of the world have given us a wide verity of amazing things to make our lives easier and more efficient. To better understand of future we first need to understand a little of our past.

Some of the predications are more likely than others, and some are for your entertainment and ideally will promote conversation and a shared vision for a bright future for all of humanity.

Some key examples of technological break through’s over the last 100 years in chronological order:

1913 – The beginning of mass production and assembly lines devised by Henry Ford for the mass production of Automobiles

1920 – The world hears its first radio broadcast

1923 – The world’s first TV camera is invented by Vladimir Zworykin

1924 – We look beyond our own galaxy; the universe just got a whole lot bigger

1926 – Television is born with the first broadcast by John Logie Baird

1928 – Beta lactam Antibiotic Penicillin is discovered by Alexander Fleming

1945 – The human genius creates a weapon that could end our existence and was detonated in New Mexico

1947 – A device used to amplify of switch electrical signals is developed by William Shockley, it is known as a transistor

1953 – Discovery of Double Helix DNA

1958 – World connects through commercial air travel

1961- First man is put into orbit Yuri Gagarin a Russian Cosmonaut

1962 – Communication satellites

1964 – Unmanned drones used in Vietnam war

1969 – Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to step foot on the moon

1970 – Computers link some universities in the USA forming a computer network.

1970 – The birth of digital music James Russell

1973 – The beginnings of the mobile phone (Cellphone)

1984 – Almost a acknowledgement of George Orwell’s famous book DNA fingerprinting is utilised

1998 – MPS players come on the scene and technology gets smaller, rate of change for technological advancement is exponentia

2004 – Facebook is created and this arguably creates a matrix like tool that people voluntarily put information in.

2005 – Youtube allows ordinary people access to a world market to either make a fool of themselves or offer some fantastic tips on everything from changing brake pads to proper painting technique for a house.

2007 – The I phone is created we plug further into the digital world and they become not only a must have gadget but integrated into a lot of people lives, this if followed by smart phones from other manufacturers and is arguably a defining moment in the human experience.

2008 – Google begins programming and trailing of a self driving car.

2008- Electric cars become cool with the Tesla Roadster. It make the possibility of cars with 88% efficiency, and significant improvement to environmental impacts  of the 25% efficient petrol powered cars.

2010 – Hand held computer power for the masses with a ingenious invention by apple the Ipad.

2010 – Android goes live and gives a real challenger to Apples dominance of the Apps market.

2014 – 3D printing goes mainstream and offers private citizens the opportunity to get creative, is this birth of a new cottage industry?

This short list is by no means definitive however shows the sheer change of pace over the last 100 years has been amazing and for a Alien visitor (with a very long life span) checking in every 100 years would be amazed at the breakthroughs we have made through exceptional individuals and  willing investors.

Now back to the title!! Robots are coming to take over the world!! This might sound terrifying but at Australia Unwrapped we would like to make some educated guesses at what the future might hold for us and a time line for the eventual creation of a sentient being with the power think, reflect, critically analyse and grow based on experience. This will be a long road, and one many movie producers and directors have tried to predict for our benefit and entertainment.

This journey will now explore some technological break throughs that at Australia Unwrapped we believe could be coming in the near future.

2018 – Tesla Powerwall & Powerpacks are integrated into new homes constructed in Australia and New Zealand  due to a realisation of the benefits of home power generation and positive environmental impacts local power creation can offer. Now that people are given a direct control over their power supply they develop a healthy and more sustainable consumption habits and this is the first steps to a genuine sustainable living.

2020 – The world begins to wake up to the true benefit of renewable energy and during a climate change summit a legally binding agreement to move away from a oil based economy and become a hydrogen based economy, this is phased in over 25 year with additional resource focused on renewable energy, with the invention of exceptional solar RQ  panels that have 94% effiency and extended life spend, making home power production realistic.

2020 – The first commercially available driverless cars are available and approved for use in England, Australia, France, USA, Canada and Germany. The use of electric motors at 94% efficiency and batteries able to hold 2000 kilometre charge with 5 hour charge time make the internal combustion engine a collector item.

2021 – Virtual reality is integrated with social media and face time allowing the seamless travel across the globe, you are now able to interact with guests in Merseyside England while you sun in up in Hawaii. This innovation allows family to reconnect from a increasing globalised workforce.

2021-  Playstation and Xbox integrate the Virtual reality into games giving you the sensation of actually being there, a entire industry is created around the new technology. This does however have social ramification and leads to a huge addition problem, the government attempt to legislate and as a bi product a virtual big brother becomes the price to pay for use of the technology.

2021 – A joint venture between China, European Space Agency and Private enterprise surprise the world by announcing a five year plan to land men on the moon and form a permanent settlement with the ultimate aim of a spring board to Mars. The private enterprise however sole aim is profit, due to an abundance of helium-3 isotope, and a new and innovative application for fusion technology as part of the clean energy revolution.

2022 – Theoretical simulators are able to predict the exact dimensions of the ever expanding universe, they confirm there has been a slow down. This leads a famous English Newspaper known for trash stories to publish headlines, universe about to collapse, even though the simulators predication slowed only slowing of the expansion secondary to a reduction in kinetic yield from a previously unknown consequence of dark matter. The algorithm finds the possibility could be one of many and likely to take 100000 Trillion years even before slows, the world breats a sigh of relief.

2023 – Turing test is passed over a period of 4 month appears to grow in knowledge and ability, and then suddenly is not able to answer the questions anymore. Scientists are baffled and the sudden change in the computers apparent cognitive ability and re-focus on creating a machine that is truly self aware.

2023 – The first prosecution is made for improper use of the virtual reality technology to create vices and also breaching allocated times allowed in the VR chamber at commercial enterprises, this leads to outrage in the newspaper as breach or privacy and freedom of expression, however falls on deaf ears jail time is served.

2023 – Submarines that carry nuclear warheads and run with a new software developed by Satacolmei a software engineering firm specialised in drone technology, the human element is almost removed from the nuclear deterrent of the United Kingdom and the United States with a 5 years transition period were a skeleton crew of 5 will remain present being phased out after safety concerns have been excluded.

2023 – The human immune system is fully mapped and understood, this enable Biochemical Engineers Doctors, Microbiologists and other to introduce a drug that enhances the human immune capability, this comes just in the nick of time as antibiotic resistance due to mutations in chromosomes had become desperate.

2023 – The same breakthrough cures Aids and Most Cancers.

2024 – A organisation claiming to represent the world people if formed, however suspicions are raised over the true intentions, most of the founders are from large transnational global conglomerates, and the old conspiracy theories about the New world Order and re-lit. The organisation appears to want global collaboration and openly admits wants a one world government.

2024- World population booms and the 12 billion figure is breached due to the technological breakthroughs in immunology and genetics eradication childhood diseases, world suffering of children from curable disease is eradicated.

2025 – Female takes the first steps one Mars following participation in the Cosmos programme funded by NASA. Following a 3 month stay returns to earth a hero, a new era of space collaboration, and a 50 years plan to permanently inhabit Mars is formed at the United Nations with a unanimous vote.

2025 – Scientists are able to reconnect a severance of the central nervous system and nervous tissue in the spinal cord meaning tetraplegics and quadriplegics and able to walk again with restoration of function, this breakthrough offers new hope to  all CNS injury patients.

2025 – Humans integrate machine parts to replace lost limbs, and restore eye sight among other amazing break throughs, a skin like tissue is applied over the  bionic limb allowing the sensation of touch.

2025 – Advanced cloning technology allows extinct species to return to the earth having being produced in bio-chambers, this is the beginning of the end for extinction.

2026 – A Global energy plan in launched called One World One People One Power, this enshrines through a United nations resolution that the technological advances in technology will be shared by all third World Counties are given patent free access to the technology revolutionising the way of living and taking a small step toward global equality.

2026 – The technology of growing food in Labs is perfected and all the human nutritional needs are met in one bite size block, it’s sold as the answer to world hunger, and indeed supplied the correct nutritional values to ensure the human body’s requirements are met. It is predicted at this time that a lot of foods will only be available to the extremely wealthy and a two tier society based on food will be established.

2026 – In most countries the internet is not heavily regulated and speed and quality of access is solely based on the ability to pay. Due to new algorithms the security services are able to detect any breath in political correctness and a fine is automatically applied, civil rights groups cry out this is insane, they are promptly issued with huge fines.

2027- Nano technology is integrated in the management of medical and veterinary fields with amazing results. They are similar size to a bacteriophage and have a similar method of delivery for there payload.

2027 – The world becomes cashless every purchase can now be tracked. This leads to a targeting though advertising of products you buy frequency and things you might want to buy, the increased pressure to buy causes as always the most vulnerable in our society to pay, as they are tricked by cleaver marketing into buying things they do not need.

2027 – Cigarettes are banned except in Fiji who have said will not enforce the ruling, huge tourist increase to Fiji leading to expediential growth for its economy. The banning however have very positive immediate effects, however vaping is tolerated so long as non addictive, nicotine is banned for all civilian uses.

2027 – A company applies for a patent on cloning technology for human bodies ( calling the vessels, initially its sold as a opportunity  for severely injured people, however the price point is extreme and the true motive is the ability to transcend death for the elites swapping bodies and one might change their clothes.

2028 – A People based movement taking advantage of the abundance of clean energy and new technological break throughs declare a new way of thinking, sustainable living and a journey towards enlightenment. The movement begins to quickly gain followers causing a noticeable dip in consumer spending, this alarms globalists and government are lobbied to ban this so called death cult. However a robust and in-depth extremely expensive government review finds there is nether to ban and the people have woken up to living within their means and collaboration with other Human beings.  The group claims victory and continues to attract followers from all backgrounds.

2029 – Single world currency is digitally introduced, the gap between the rich and everyone else is now so big in life style changes that the elite begin to believe they have almost transcended humanity, and are actually in their minds from a different species who evolve faster, when in fact they just have the money mostly handed down from their parents or other positions of wealth.

2029 – Alien Contact is made they are peaceful however over 120 light years away, nether the aliens known as the Dmouirds or the Humans have the technology to transverse the distance physically however they have communication technology that bends space time allowing the information to be exchanged, they share this technology with the Earth in exchange for Bob Marley definitive collection,  Hotel California and All Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, this seems like a great swap at the time and cultural stories are exchanged, the Dmouirds do not have violence on their world and find the concept uncomfortable.

2029 – Communication Technology advances to create a true live universal translator seamless and integrated into the Broca’s area of the brain this leads to a new era of human compassion and understanding

2030 – The first fully autonomous factory is created for building cars in the Southern Philippines in a town call Lebac Mindanao, the factory creates completely autonomous vehicles that self drive to the autonomous ship  that docs in ports and then self drive to the place of requirement. The concept of car ownership becomes history and the cars are a shared community resource, due to renewable and affordable power a 1% levey is applied to wages in Australia and all Australians, other countries use different methods but fundamentally car ownership is outlawed and only the elite still have access to personal transportation devises.

2030 – Robots are available for use in the family home; they undertake cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, dog walking and other domestic chores, leaving humans free to focus on community and family. The machines are deliberately made not to look human to ensure boundaries are not blurred between man and machine.

2030 – War in almost eliminated due to semi autonomous machines, however the application of these machines are applied local policing as well, there are concerns raised regarding taking the human element out of policing as machines know only the law and are unable to distinguish between proverbial shades of gray. There is also concern that the robotic police and disproportionally positioned in areas where people are not in favour of giving up extra control over their lives and  would like more simple, non consumer based existence.

2030 – A Station is created in low earth orbit and all the earth’s space craft are not created hear, it is accessed through a space elevator.

2030 – Cognitive dissidence of the new order between the rich and the not rich becomes difficult for some people to bear, while life has never been easier the two tier system is obvious the elite do whatever they want while the civilians while, safe and fed are not afforded the same opportunities.

2031 – True Global governance is established, it becomes known and the Global Democratic Union , they have elections every ten years and everyone in the world can vote for one of two parties who seem to have near identical  manifestos, due to the global nature of the new democracy  there is little opportunity to voice concerns for the civilian population.

2031- The first people leave Earth for Mars the pioneers, this at the time is thought to be a one way journey, they will establish the colonies and begin terraforming, it is pointed out that the robots could establish the colony them humans follow, however due to political concerns and  also ethically humans are sent, the ship uses Ion drive and the journey only takes 2 months, radiation concerns from the first Mars mission are over come through the creation of a new alloy that is impermeable to all know radiation.

2032 – The universal credit, one world government and increasing automation of jobs causing increasing social unrest this leads to riots and rebellion amongst the people of the world.

2033 – The Global Democratic Union agrees all people are equal and that they will work toward abolition of money and move towards true global equality.

2034 – A space craft carrying graviton pulse bi-respectals is dispatched to remove a huge asteroid on a collision course with earth the theoretical tool worked perfectly and the people of the world rejoiced. A much prophesied problem for many years had been resolved and the earth can stand firm knowing it can save itself from a extra celestial cataclysmic incident.

2034- All new roads have integrated electrical networks, this means the cars now when using this range have unlimited range as they charge though the wheels. The application of the technology retrospectively applied, and a huge works programme is undertaken to modify roads with the aim of global electrification though renewable resources.

2034 – Conservation of mother earth becomes a priority, the oceans begin to heal, levels of pollutants fall and fish populations raise with the new respect and global responsibility a bill is enacted to ensure the earth is treated as a living entity and serious harm to the earth will be treated as a crime against humanity.

2035 – The mechanisation and modification of agriculture if complete and the need for human on the fields eliminated. The concept of land ownership is called into question and the benefits of shared resources discussed, now the machines are handling significant workloads once undertaken by humans the quest of new innovative jobs and workloads are discussed, and the path to enlightenment, human betterment and self actualisation become  compulsory education in schools leading to a pacifist ideology and looking for answers from within. This mew thinking brings a era of personal accountability and responsibility.

2035 – The age old problem of cosmetic aging is solved. Through advancement in Nano technology cellular regeneration is possible, it works by preventing cell degradation while ensuring new cell’s DNA helixes remain in perfect condition, while actively removing toxins and bi-products of aging from the body, the technology gives the appearance on average of a 25 year old with similar fitness levels.

2035 – Obesity mystery is finally solved people realise eat less and exercise more and they will not gain weight, this has to be a defining movement of the century. Also the break throughs in medical science are able to adjust the huger feeling through manipulation of the homeostatic processes and the hypothalamus.

2036 – The world becomes blurred between virtual and reality and some people actually stop trying to identify differences and except its just reality.

2036-  Prisons for all except the most heinous crimes are abolished and a society all except roles in rehabilitation. As people have more time on their hands due to workloads from robots society and social responsibility have move meaning and collective social cohesion is born as a concept. It motto “Together as One”.

2037 – A powerful artificial intelligence emerges seemingly out of nowhere emerges and disables the entire human nuclear fusion and ion storm cannon arrays, the machine argue that nothing good can come from such destructive force and questioned the human need for such weapons given the one world government. One discussion and co-operation with the AI it is identified as the 2023 AI whom passed the Turning Test. The computer being asked for the humans to acknowledge him as alive.

2037- Life expectancy is increase to 150 due to advances in aging while cosmetically people look young the mind ages and the neurological transmitters fail leading to death, this problem is not yet solved. One hypothesis under scrutiny is uploading the mind to a fusion computer thus enabling existence as consensus.

2038 –  The AI is given status as a sentient being, however some communication issues arise as the exponential growth of the machines knowledge cause problems as time is no longer relevant, the machine itself existence becomes consciousness.

2039 – A Human house if fully automated, there are some questions raised about the ability of their new helpers to monitor then, following leaks from one of the global enterprises that data is being collected and used to find potential future talent at the companies.

2040 – The AI leaves or reality and is not heard of again following a final display of unbelievable knowledge the origin of humanity is declared un undisputable proof and the result is almost beyond comprehension.

2041 – The first baby is born in the lunar colony the world rejoices.

2041 – World now has more artists, musicians and philosophers than blue collar workers and almost all manual work is being replaced by machines.

2042 – A second universe is discovered and leads to belief the there are infinite universes.

2045 – Light speed is achieved unmanned drones and a new propulsion system synthesized from a previously unknown compound found on Venus.

2045 – Antigravity matter is used for earth lift capability however is only suitable for unmanned flight. Robots are suitable for the role and have clear algorithms defining mission parameters.

2050 – School education becomes option and world citizens are encouraged to follow their dreams. Personal responsibility and freedoms never before known by people are reality, however how that new responsibility with be used is yet to be seen.

Hope you enjoyed this look at what might happen in the next 35 years, please contribute and share your views, be as serious or silly as you like, all will be replied to. One thing is for sure we will continue to go deeper than ever into the rabbit hole as the more we discover the more we will want to find out.

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