Sexting Gone Horribly Wrong

5 Terrible Things to Say While Sexting With Your Partner

Let’s face it, women are way better at sexting than men. Well, flirting in general. So, here are some funny mistakes guys make when texting a woman.

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1. “Sup?”

Okay, that may pass if you send it to a guy friend and you wanna hang out. But when it comes to sexting, this not a very good start, man. If you want that date, gonna have to do better than that. Because think about it, what is she supposed to say to that? “Not much, chillin’…”?

2. “Why aren’t you answering me?”

So, she ignored your “sup” message, and you decided to make it even worse. Good for you. Keep it up! Maybe buy this t-shirt while you’re at it.

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3. “What’s your favourite colour?”

And she actually did reply to this with: “My favourite colour is purple, and I like math. What’s your favourite toy?” Obviously, she was being sarcastic and ready to block him. Still, the guy surprisingly got himself out: “Depends on what game we’re playing. So either a strap-on or a whip.” And, you’re not gonna believe it, but she laughed at that, not at him, but at the joke. 30 minutes or so later they scheduled a date. There you have it, guys, sometimes you just gotta go all in, take the risk. What’ve you got to lose except your dignity?

4. “I think I love you!”

Sorry, buddy, but you just don’t do that via text message. You still say it face to face, no matter how much technology evolved. Also, “you think”? Maybe be a little more certain when expressing love to someone.

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5 “Sorry, I’m gonna have to cancel our date.”

“My sister just had a baby. Can we move our date for tomorrow?” Totally fine, in fact, more than fine. “Yeah, of course! And congrats, BTW!” – she says. “Are you sure, though? My sister will understand if I don’t come right away…” Bro, seriously? “No, you don’t give birth every day. Relax. See you tomorrow. Xoxo.” She’s way too understanding if you ask me because this is just pathetic. “Nah, I’ll go see the baby tomorrow, you’re more important.” And she’s gone. One thing women hate more than being neglected is you being so desperate and lacking confidence.

Anyway, you get the point. It’s okay if you’re not very good at flirting, but at least have some self-respect and act like a grown-up. Unless you really are in 7th grade – then you’re forgiven. So, now that you’ve learned what NOT to sext, maybe also learn what not to ask a transgender person. Check it out here

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