Sex Dolls You’ll Fall In Love With

5 Sex Dolls You Wish You Had

Not so long ago, having a “blow up” or a silicone sex partner was considered a tabu. Nowadays, more and more of these human-like dolls are being sold. Many people don’t even hide it. Nor should they. It’s still only masturbation, just more sensual, more lifelike. And it’s also a good alternative if you don’t have a real-life partner.

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This will be a short story of a new age love-making. Let’s start with some cheap examples.

1. Sex Doll #1

Okay, even though it’s highly reviewed and even labelled a “#1 Best Seller” on Amazon, it kind of looks creepy. Sure, you have all the naughty parts a guy would want, it is high quality and super sexy, but it’s still just a torso! No legs, no arms and no head! I’m not sure about you, but it would be a huge “turn-off” for me.

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2. Sex Doll (Huh?)

This one isn’t even a torso. It’s just a tube with a mouth at the end. The mouth is open, you can see the teeth, and the tongue is even sticking out a bit. Looks even creepier than the headless one. Actually, it seems like some alien fat warm with a weird mouth! Yep, still more scary than sexy.

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Amazon kind of disappointed us in this area. We only found a few full-body dolls. And they were everything but attractive, trust us. In fact, they would probably give you nightmares if you slept next to it. Mostly we found either torso, half of the torso or just mouth or vagina. So, we had to widen our search, which led us to a special website. It’s dedicated only to sex dolls and nothing else. You can literally choose anything you like. Height, body figure, age, nationality, hair colour, price, and the number of… you know…  round tunnels – 1, 2 or 3. The best part is that they actually manufacture them, so you can even order a custom doll based upon your every little wish and dirty desire.

Here are some of their’s current top dolls. By the way, they’re all realistic, they have full bodies, and most of them have their own profile pages with a little bit about them! It’s a cool way to give them a personality too, not just hooters and “bootay”.

1. Naughty Thea

She’s a blonde with big “funbags”. She’s 171 cm tall, pricey but not too pricey. And she looks absolutely stunning. Thea says that she’s looking for someone to treat her right.

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2. Charming Zoe

It’s a big booty Korean doll. On her profile, it says that she’s a university girl majoring in dance. But she didn’t specify what kind of dance. Let’s hope for a lap dance.

3. Sleeping Beauty

Well, she might be sleeping now, but wait until you buy her. You’re both gonna develop insomnia. By the way, she’s more cute than pretty, so you just might actually fall in love with her.

These dolls are top trending, and when it comes to price, more or less the same. But wanna see the most popular ones? Even sexier ones? Check it out in part two of this article.

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