More Sex Dolls You’ll Fall In Love With

Top 5 Sex Dolls To Fulfil Your Sexual Desires

So, you came back fo more. The list continues to grow, but so do prices. Let’s say, for example, over $3000 – would that be acceptable to you? Well, I guess it depends on the Dollie. Check her out and let us know if she’s worth it.1.

1. Pure Amaya

She’s thin and elegant, says she loves to party and have sex. She loves sex? Wow, what a surprise! Although she also like romance stories, movies, and she wants you to take her out on dates regularly. Needy little lady, isn’t she? And don’t think for a second that she’ll fall for you so easily. You’ll really have to work for it.

2. School Girl Adelina

For those of you that are into hentai and cosplay – this the woman for you. In fact, marry her right away! Cuz not only will she dress up for you, but will also do whatever you want, whenever you want. Oh, no nagging ever. This is her message to you: “I am a charming student who will fulfil all your erotic preferences. Everything from sparkling massage, passioned hugs and kisses, finger games… up to your most intimate wishes and fantasies.” All right, I’m sold.

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3. Stepmom Cougar Ayla

Ah, yes – the MILFs. Remember Stifler’s mom? Well, Ayla is 10 times hotter. She’s experienced and has enormous melons. Just be careful handling those heavy bags though, you could pull a muscle.

There are plenty more sex dolls on this website, as we saw in the previous article as well. So, it’ll be a tough choice, but be persistent. And now we’re gonna show you two of the most exciting sex dolls ever. Well, exciting in their own way.

4. The Most Expensive Lady

Since the market demand for sex dolls is getting bigger and bigger each year, the quality of those ladies also has to get better. Blow up dolls are like ancient history, even pure silicone ones are slowly leaving us. Engineers now make dolls just like humans  – they don’t just look human on the outside, but also on the inside. They make prosthetic skeletons for them. And that costs a lot of money. When you pick a premade doll, it can get pricey, up to 50k. But when you want to customise is – pick a face, it could even be a picture of a woman you liked, but she got married. Pick everything to the very last detail. And that can cost you up to $200,000 and more.

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5. World’s Most Lifelike Doll

Seriously, look at her? It’s probably the best one yet. If you passed by her, you wouldn’t even notice it’s a fake. Also, this is not just another f****** doll, it’s an A.I. doll. She has soft human-like skin and can actually talk! It also remembers your birthday and a lot of other stuff.

It definitely looks like we’re entering an era of actual artificial intelligence robot sex dolls that will soon look just like us. And you won’t even know the difference. It’s probably safe to say that that’ll make a lot of men and women happier. They’ll do what you want and have sex anytime you want. What more could you wish for? I don’t know, maybe love. Luckily this is not a love story – it’s a pleasure story. And pleasure we shall have!

In conclusion, we’ll leave you with this awesome video on how these new tech dolls are made, starring 2 Chainz himself! Be warned though – it gets graphic. Also, it might ruin the magic.

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