Rites Of Passage In Australia And Across The Globe

Australia’s Rite Of Passage Around The World

The goal of an Australian rite of passage is to help young people mature into adults. The kids found their gifts, their vision for their community, and their knowledge for dealing with the issues they will encounter in the future through these activities. In Africa, for example, an old saying suggests that if the youth are not introduced, the village will be burnt to the ground.

Australian Rite of Passage and the World

The journey into adulthood for young boys all around Australia tends to be all about drinking, partying, driving, and sexual promiscuity. Young Australian boys, unlike other cultures, do not have properly delineated ceremonies and rites of passage to signify their journey into maturity. When a person reaches the 21st year, their birthday celebration is held in their honour to celebrate the event. It usually entails a get-together of family and friends, some drinks, and a big hangover the next morning.

Each culture has its variation of rites of passage, but some features are shared throughout cultures. Several stages make up a suitable bringing ritual. Separation, adjustment, and re probably are the three phases. The young guy is removed from his previous life during the separation period. When a man enlists in modern culture, this happens. His previous belongings are discarded, his head is shaven, and he is given a uniform. During this stage, the young person will witness a portion of his old self die away and will begin to form a new identity. Judaism has one of the most famous coming-of-age rites.

At 13, young boys who practice Judaism acquire religious maturity and are bar mitzvahed. Bar mitzvah is a Jewish phrase that means “son of the commandment.” Once the rite is done, the new men are considered adults and are expected to follow Jewish commandments and rules. It’s impossible to say how old rites of passage are since they’re so ingrained in modern culture. Young Roman male rites of passage, for example, included shaving their first beard and removing their ‘bulla,’ an amulet worn to mark and protect underage males in Antiquity. He then dons his expressing new pair, or toga of manhood, and walks around.

Upward Bound Characteristics Passage Through the Ages

The four elements that make up the Australian rite of passage structure are:

  • Storytelling helps to improve connections and relationships.
  • Providing a challenge boosts endurance.
  • Creating a vision for the future, as well as a basis for implementing it
  • Most importantly, each young person is honoured and valued for their unique abilities, talents, and strengths.

The Rite of Passage

Coming of age rituals are crucial in determining when a boy should consider himself a man when he should start acting like a man, when the society should accept him as a man, and when he should accept the responsibilities that come with being a man.


The students are involved in the process. They go from the familiarity and comfort of school and home, fully prepared for the journey ahead.

Change of pace

Students experience a fundamental transition during their rite of passage trip, which gives them a new identity and purpose. They’re urged to take on additional duties. Seniors who accompany you are important in the process of exchanging stories and experiences.

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