Why is Roger Cook limping? Illness and Health Update 2022

What Has Been Happening to Roger Cook?

In the United States, Roger Cook is known best as the host of the PBS home renovation show This Old House. According to his bio, this is his third season as the gardening and landscape contractor on the programme, which has been airing since 1988.

In recent months, however, he has been unwell, and in this article, you will find all of the most recent updates and all you need to know about his condition and present state of affairs.

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The majority of season 40 of This Old House saw little or no appearance by Roger Cook. On the programme, he looked to be unwell during season 49. However, during the presentation, he did not reveal anything about his current health situation.

On the other hand, Cook broke his quiet in the summer of 2018 and spoke out about his health issues. He penned a message to the fans, which he placed on the official website of This Old House in response to their feedback. Roger indicated in the letter that his appearances would be reduced, and he also said that he is presently different from his past seasons.

Roger Cook must devote more time to his family and to caring for his poor physical state as a result of his worsening health condition. This indicates that viewers of This Old House should anticipate a substitute expert to appear on the programme shortly, since Roger’s tenure on the PBS reality show is short.

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The Illness of Roger Cook

Roger was observed hobbling on the set of the PBS programme This Old House, which he appeared on most recently. There has been a great deal of conjecture regarding what is causing this limping to occur.

Initial statements from PBS and Roger himself did not provide any information that may have provided some clarity to the matter. Because he graduated from college in 1977, some people assumed he was elderly and that there wasn’t much more to it than that. Others believed there was more to it than that.

Others hypothesised that there were more significant concerns at play in this situation. Finally, Roger responded to these rumours in a letter that was published in This Old House magazine in 2009.

Fun Fact

Why is Roger Cook limping

Roger Cook has appeared on the PBS home renovation series This Old House from 1988 until 2020. He has also appeared on its associated programs Ask This Old House and Inside This Old House.

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