5 Luxury Hotels In Townsville, Australia

Best Luxury Hotels in Townsville, Australia

Hotels are an essential part of any trip. Whatever place you visit, you need a luxury hotel where you can rest and enjoy. So if you are in Townsville, Australia, you need a perfect luxury hotel that can make your trip more comfortable and memorable. Here are some suggestions of good hotels you can choose for your stay in Townsville, Australia.Townsville is a laid-back coastal city of over 180,000 people (2018) in North Queensland.

Hotel Grand Chancellor Townsville

It is a fantastic hotel to stay in Townsville. Their services are worthwhile. You can use their fitness centre, which is twenty-four hours open. You can go and enjoy this at any time of the day. And one other thing that makes this hotel more worthwhile is its outdoor pool and open for you at any time. These features of the hotel can make your stay unforgettable. The hotel grand chancellor also compliments you with free wireless internet access and concierge services. You can also use their wedding services if you want that. These things make this hotel a luxury choice for your stay in Townsville.

The Ville Resort – Casino

The Ville Resort is a luxury hotel with a casino and a spa. You can use their spa services to relax. They also allow you to enjoy a massage and a spa. Suppose you are a fan of gambling, then you can try your luck at the casino. They also have an outdoor pool and fitness centre. Overall you can get anything you want in the Ville resort during your stay. The rooms are also luxurious, clean and beautiful. Their room service is also quick and reliable. So you can stay at the Ville resort wherever you go in Townsville.

Rambutan Resort Townsville

The interior design and services of this resort are fantastic. The Rambutan resort Townsville will provide you with a rooftop outdoor view. Only this way you can see the river view from their rooftop. These views are amazing sights you can visit during your stay in Townsville.  It is also three-fifty meters away from the city centre, in the heart of the vibrant nightlife district. The rooms of the Rambutan are luxurious and also have a beautiful interior. It is the most unique, beautiful, charming, and elegant hotel in the town. So it would be best if you considered this hotel when you visit Townsville, Australia.

The Palmer Collective

The Palmer Collective is located on the beautiful and vibrant Palmer Street. You can find many restaurants, cafes and boutiques around this hotel. 

The Palmer collective also has a fantastic pool for their guests. They also have a spa, fitness centre, free Wi-Fi and parking area.

You can enjoy their exceptional and luxurious services throughout your stay. The rooms of this hotel are also among which you will get your very personal refrigerator in your room. Isn’t it amazing? Also, it is closer to many cafes, boutiques and restaurants so you can also go there and enjoy yourself. Also, it is a luxury hotel in Townsville, Australia.

Rydges Southbank Townsville

The Rydges Southbank Townsville is a luxury yet affordable hotel in Townsville. You will get a mesmerizing view of the city, castle hill, and the marina. They also have free Wi-Fi. You can also get a la carte restaurant, fantastic accommodation, bar, pool and spa services in the Rydges Southbank Townsville. The staff of the hotel is also super friendly. So it would help if you visited this hotel for a wonderful stay. Rydges Southbank is a luxury hotel in Townsville, Australia. 

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