Digital Nomad in Australia: 10 Great Places to Live and Work Remotely

Great Places to Live and Work Remotely

Modern society has changed in a variety of ways. One of the most significant examples is how technology changed the way we work.

Nowadays, people are no longer confined in an office cubicle. They can now work from different parts of the world. Thus, you can combine business with leisure.

Luckily, some cities are ideal for remote workers. Meaning they can accommodate your needs even if your employer is not from the same country.

One such country is Australia. This country has plenty of places to live in and work remotely. They will not make life hard for you because of that situation.

If you plan on traveling to Australia, here are ten cities where you can live and work remotely:


The most populous city in the entirety of Australia and Oceania is the city of Sydney. This city is also the capital of New South Wales.

As a digital nomad, you will often find that extensive and populous cities like Sydney tend to be great places to stay in. Thus, you will have a reasonably comfortable time staying in Sydney.

Given the robust metropolis lifestyle in this city, many digital nomads appreciate staying in Sydney.

They have fast Internet speed, and the city is friendly towards foreigners. It is also safe for every kind of traveler, which many will appreciate.

But one of the downsides of staying in such a vast and populous city as Sydney is the cost of living can be quite pricey.

Thus, you have to figure out your budget if you plan on staying in this city for one of your digital nomad trips. Given the benefits that it gives, though, the cost of living is one of the minimal downsides to staying in this grand city.


Many people love the idea of being a digital nomad. That’s because they picture themselves in some tropical fantasy, sipping a cocktail while working.

If you find yourself working in Brisbane, the pleasant climate can get you close to that tropical digital nomad fantasy. For less than an hour, it is easy to visit a beach anywhere in Brisbane.

So if you are craving the beach, you do not need to go from anywhere too far. At the same time, there are plenty of coworking spaces available in the city.

One of the most popular places for coworking in the city there is River City Labs.

Much like other major cities in Australia, Brisbane’s cost of living can be expensive. Thus, you should prepare your finances if you do plan on staying here for a long time.


Melbourne is another hub for freelancers looking for easy access to almost anything they desire and fast Internet speed. Yet, the cost of living here can be steep.

Nonetheless, it did not stop Melbourne from being “The World’s Most Liveable City.”

There are various coworking spaces that you can go to and get a membership in if you want. But, if you do not have the budget for paying the monthly membership, you can settle for some of the cafes that offer their Wi-Fi access instead.

When you want to get away from city life, though, there are plenty of natural sights and settings available to you.

If you got several days free, consider driving the Great Ocean Road’s entirety and stop by many interesting spots that you might see by the road.

Margaret River

Becoming a digital nomad gives you the privilege of managing a professional career while still having the time and capacity to indulge.

One of the ways that people indulge themselves is by enjoying a nice glass of wine. If you are a fan of wine, you can’t go wrong with spending some time in Western Australia’s Margaret River region.

There are hundreds of wineries around the region so that you can enjoy different wineries every weekend. You can book an Airbnb with a stable Internet connection or work in some of the cafes available in your area.

You can do other things in the Margaret River region to go to the Margaret River coast and enjoy the coastline. If you happen to be there between June to December, you might even see some whales.


An underrated place that digital nomads or freelancers should try out more is the capital of Tasmania, which is Hobart.

Hobart’s living cost is not as high as the other major cities in Australia, but you still manage to get an excellent quality of life when you are there. There are also plenty of places to work in Hobart, so you will not have to worry about that aspect.

Hobart has plenty of hidden gems that would be a shame if you find yourself there if you did not see for yourself.

If you want to work while surrounded by mountains, Hobart is the place to go. You will also appreciate the laid-back and carefree lifestyle here.


Wollongong’s city is the place to be for those who dream of living like a beach bum but still having a professional career. This coastal city is the best place to spend your days under the sun, swimming, and surfing your heart’s content.

What is remarkable is that it is only an hour away from Sydney, to the south.

The Internet speed in Wollongong is not one to scoff at either, going at an average of 50 Mbps. There are also coworking spaces available to you there if you prefer working in those spaces.

Wollongong is the best place to explore other coastal towns. If you are craving a quieter and smaller community but do not want to disconnect fully, Wollongong is your place.


Another coastal city that digital nomads would want to go to in Western Australia is Perth, WA’s capital.

Perth is as much of a town as any other in Australia, but it still has easy access to many natural settings. You can get to a desert landscape when you head to the north, south, and east. If you want to get to the sea, you go to the west.

Perth is a great place to serve as your temporary headquarters in Australia if you are an outdoorsy person.

People who love going to the beach enjoy staying in Fremantle because of the easy access to the coast. You can feel like a real surfer when you visit there.

Gold Coast

As you might notice by now, Australia has a lot of coastal cities that are perfect and welcoming towards digital nomads. But it would be remiss to continue talking about coastal towns in Australia without mentioning the Gold Coast in the state of Queensland.

Gold Coast is the sixth-largest city in Australia and is another great city for active, outdoorsy people.

It has a cheaper cost of living than the other Australian cities in this article, but it is still pricey on average. But you can choose to live in Southport where accommodations are much cheaper.

If you want to enjoy long stretches of golden beaches and blue, sparkling waves, the Gold Coast is the way to go.


If you want to take things slow, you might enjoy staying in the capital of South Australia, which is the city of Adelaide. It is also cheaper to live here than in other cities in Australia, although there are not many conveniences available here.

Nonetheless, you still have everything you need to thrive as a digital nomad.

Adelaide is the best place to go to if you are a fan of cultural sights or architecture.

Since this is Australia’s City of Churches, you should try and look for the many churches there and admire the architecture.


Another perfect city for people who do not feel like they need to continue hustling is Canberra.

It has a smaller population, but it still has every convenience that you need as a digital nomad. You get all the amenities without the big crowds of people.

You can find cheaper accommodations in the city if you go to less expensive areas. If you want to get away from things, but do not want to be too isolated, Canberra is the perfect place.


Australia is one of the best countries in the world for digital nomads and freelancers. They are open to foreigners, technologically-advanced in all the right ways, and have plenty of sights to see and admire.

But no matter where you are, it will be challenging to work if you have a messy space. That’s why Maid Sailors Maid Service Chicago recommends that you bring some cleaning tricks up your sleeve. Moreso, if you are planning to be or you are a digital nomad.

To recap, here the ten best places to live in Australia as a digital nomad:

  1. Sydney
  2. Brisbane
  3. Melbourne
  4. Margaret River
  5. Hobart
  6. Wollongong
  7. Pert
  8. Gold Coast
  9. Adelaide
  10. Canberra

If you are given a chance to travel while working, make sure that you make a stop by the Land Down Under and enjoy these cities for your remote work lifestyle.

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