My Week Without Cola and Soft Drinks Day 7

Final Stages of Quitting Coke #Day7

It’s been a whole week since your last fix. That must make you feel very proud of yourself. Even with the lethargy, lack of motivation, inspiration, and constipation! You won. Nothing left to say.

Oh, let me guess that “alternative” you were talking about is back on the table, isn’t it? So what did you chose? Drinking, smoking, pot? Or maybe… Oh no! Anything but that! Please, become an alcoholic, I beg you! Anything but diet Cola! No, it’s not better than the regular one. Let me tell you something about diet Coke. Yes, it might have less sugar and calories. Still, instead, it has artificial sweeteners, which may be even worse the sugar itself. It has all kinds of unnatural additives that are just as harmful. Trust me, you won’t be living healthier. It’s all just lies. Lies and nothing else. They make you think you’re safe, only so you can buy their product that is pretty much the same crap, pardon my french.

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Okay, so you promise to stay away from any kind of Coke, diet or not, including the other coke, the one that doesn’t come through your mouth but through your nose? All right, good.

Still, I know how you feel. I know that your journey isn’t over yet. During the next couple of weeks, you’ll feel nihilistic, sometimes on the edge of letting go, you’ll probably hate everything and everyone, including me, hell, especially me. I’d hate me too, after all of this. But, believe me, after a month, you will be like a brand new person. The worst part is over. All you gotta do now is get through all the hate and rage, and eventually, you’ll see how much better you feel. You’ll regain motivation, energy, and most importantly, you’ll be able to poop. Oh, you already did. Well, gee, TMI, don’t you think?

All in all, things will get much better for you, I promise. You’ll even lose some of that Coke weight. You’ll sleep much better, and you’ll finally be able to enjoy yourself fully.

Anyway, this is the end of the road, for me at least. Although, I hope we’ll see each other again, in some other script, druggie. Oh, right, you’re not a druggie anymore. Well, then, see you again, beauty.

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