Cola Addiction Day 6 Staying Free From Sodas

Final Stages of Recovering From Coke Addiction

Scene… and… action! Oh, wait – cut! Well, well, well, look who decided to join us again. Look who decided to come out of the comfort zone. Or, the discomfort zone might be a better term. Either way, you finally got up. Congratulations! You know we can’t do these episodes without you, druggie, right? Cool. Let me show you the script.

So, this is the part where you have all those insane mood swings. One hour you’re the happiest person in the world, a warrior who won the war, the other hour you’re a wet carrot. It’s all part of the process, chillax.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about finding something else. And I don’t mean kitties. Clearly, that dream of mine will never happen. No, I mean finding a replacement – trade one addiction for another. Well, unfortunately for you, every other addiction is worse than this one, so you don’t have much choice. Hey, I have an idea, you could get addicted to something nice and healthy, like jogging or apples? How’s that sound? Yeah, it’s super lame, I know.

It doesn’t matter though, you’re up, and that’s all that matters. The rest will happen naturally, on its own. Just don’t forget – this is only halfway. You need to be relaxed, yes, but not too relaxed. Otherwise, Cola will be waiting right around the corner. Lurking. Patiently stalking you and waiting for the right moment to attack. One single small moment of weakness, and she’s back! Like a real predator.

I know, I know, anger is coming back too. That’s because your body is still craving that liquid of death, torturing you and, obviously, making you angry. Good, let it out. Shout, curse if you want. Scare it away.

And now you’re ready for the final stage – the ending scene of the movie. But, instead of sending you to sleep, let’s just fast forward to that part. Agreed? All right, awesome. Editor, please take us to the final scene.

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