Best Hospitals for Dementia Worldwide

Dementia is the scientific name for losing the ability to think, remember, count, and recognize objects. Approximately one in ten people over 60 have dementia. However, it is essential to understand that dementia is not the norm for any age. One of the primary causes is Alzheimer’s disease.  

It is always necessary to recognize its cause because some illness types are curable. Thanks to innovative approaches and high-performance indicators, more and more patients choose dementia treatment in hospitals in Europe and the US. What methods are used in these countries, and what advantages offer their clinics, let’s consider more detail.

Criteria for selecting the best hospitals for dementia

When choosing a clinic for a patient, it is essential to make a list of hospitals specializing in treating dementia. 

Checklist for a reasonable choice: 

  • Success in dementia therapy. Medical personnel and technical equipment are selected for the most effective treatment in narrowly focused centers. Not unimportant is the fact of having its research base or close cooperation with institutes.
  • Diagnostic and treatment program. The more techniques the hospital offers, the better for creating a recovery program according to the patient’s measure.
  • Doctor’s qualification: work experience, scientific activity, internships, and participation in international professional associations. 
  • Comfort. Here we are talking about special equipment to ensure patient safety, climatic conditions, the absence of a language barrier, and programs to maintain the psycho-emotional state.
  • Geography and additional services. Evaluate whether it will be convenient for you to get to the hospital and what living conditions are offered for the patient and the accompanying person.
  • Financial issue. It is essential to understand that consistency and continuity are important in treating dementia. Suppose the entire course in the chosen clinic is too expensive. In that case, finding a more budget option is better than interrupting treatment.

Top Hospitals for Dementia Treatment in the United States 

Washington University Medical Center Seattle

Chicago University Medical Center

Colorado University Hospital Aurora

Benefits of Medical Treatment in the US

How to defeat dementia in US clinics:

  • High-quality diagnostics to accurately determine the degree of illness progression.
  • The latest generation of medications, electromagnetic stimulation of neurons, and other advanced methods.
  • Years of experience in the fight against dementia. 

Top Hospitals for Dementia Treatment in Europe

Helios Hospital Krefeld, Germany

Park Clinic Weissensee Berlin, Germany

Teknon Medical Centre Barcelona, Spain

Benefits of medical treatment in Europe

Features of the European approach:

  • Neurologists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitologists, neurosurgeons, and other specialists work with patients. They develop and adjust the therapy plan.
  • Availability of different treatment options: medication, deep brain stimulation, etc.
  • The active scientific activity aims to develop new methods, such as stem cell therapy and the NeuroAD device for electromagnetic treatment.

Top Hospitals for Dementia Treatment in Czechia

Na Homolce Hospital in Prague

University Hospital Bulovka Prague

University Hospital Motol Prague

Benefits of medical treatment in Czechia

Why Czechia:

  • The use of certified drugs that have proven their effectiveness, 
  • Preparation of a therapy plan taking into account international protocols 
  • Experienced and qualified specialists. 

Top Hospitals for Dementia Treatment in Turkey

Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul

Anadolu Clinic in Turkey

American Hospital Istanbul

Benefits of medical treatment in Turkey

Why do patients choose hospitals in Turkey to fight dementia:

  • Access to new-generation drugs and advanced dementia treatment methods.
  • The cost of therapy is 30-40% lower than in some hospitals in Europe and the US. 
  • Psychological support of patients, gymnastics, art therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitation methods.

Top Hospitals for Dementia Treatment in Germany

Bundeswehr Hospital Berlin

Beta Clinic in Bonn

International Neuroscience Institute 

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

Advantages of hospitals in Germany:

  • Combat dementia with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), direct current stimulation (tDCS), etc. 
  • Participation of German doctors in clinical trials of new techniques, for example, the CAD106 vaccine (able to restore lost neural connections) and the Ladostigil drug (slowing the dementia progression).
  • Development of a therapy program for the individual patients’ needs.

Best Dementia doctors worldwide 

Top list of doctors specializing in dementia treatment:Dr. med. Florian Masuhr

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Haarmeier

Prof. Dr. med. Christian E. Elger

Prof. Dr. Feza Deymeer

Prof. Dr. Antonio Russi Tintore

Best treatment solutions for treating dementia

In most cases, dementia is treated conservatively with medications and physiotherapy techniques. For example, the use of neuroprotectors is aimed at reducing the processes of brain destruction. But the search for a solution to this problem continues. And the most modern treatment ways include: 

  • Vaccination using a nasal spray. The drug contained in the immunization destroys the beta-amyloid protein, due to an excessive amount of which the development of the disease is triggered. The result is restoring disrupted neural connections, improving the patient’s condition.
  • Electromagnetic therapy. Neuronics has developed a new device NeuroAD. The patient’s brain is affected by electromagnetic pulses, which allows for partially restoring his memory.
  • Deep electromagnetic stimulation. Stimulation using a medical BrainsWay helmet with electrodes for sending impulses to the brain may restore lost functions. 
  • TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) is based on the effect of magnetic waves on the brain tissue.
  • DBS (deep brain stimulation) is a surgical technique used with conservative treatment. Its essence is the implantation of a unique device that uses electrical impulses to affect neural circuits. 
  • Medications. Great hopes are pinned on the latest generation of drugs, Ladostigil and Davunetide, which can slow down destructive processes and restore brain function.

Also, in dementia, supportive therapy is indicated: involving the patient in creative activity, listening to music, playing musical instruments, etc. Keeping the patient in good physical shape and giving up bad habits is essential.

How to get treatment in the best hospitals for dementia

High-quality treatment for dementia is often challenging to find. Effective therapy depends on whether a particular hospital has advanced technologies, the latest equipment, and, most importantly, whether doctors specializing in dementia work there. 

The most reliable way to choose where to be treated is to request several doctors in different countries, then compare the proposed options and the treatment cost. Or you can choose an alternative path and contact AiroMedical.

Contacting us will allow you to: 

  • Save time by eliminating most of the worries associated with the treatment organization.
  • Choose the best hospital where the treatment will be as effective as possible.
  • Reduce the waiting time for initial admission and hospitalization. 
  • Book an “all-inclusive” treatment package for dementia.

Thanks to our extensive database of contacts and connections, our patients receive maximum attention. Their interests are always a priority: a doctor’s appointment, diagnostic results, or access to innovative methods. Our participation makes any procedure or meeting with the right doctor accessible and fast. Moreover, we will help you get the necessary treatment with maximum care, comfort, and support.

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