Kinkiest Sex Toys You Have To Try

7 Best Kinkiest Toy You Must Own For The Best Sex Experience

Remember our last two articles about sex toys? You know, dildos, vibrating panties , and stuff. Well, compared to this one, those are pretty “vanilla”. So, without further a due, our dear sex lovers, we welcome you do the dark side (of the moon). However, beware, it will get pretty intense.

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And the twisted Amazon list begins:

1. Choker Collar

When we first saw the name, we imagined something for aggressive dogs. But, boy, were we wrong! It’s a necklace for women or men, that chokes them. With consent, naturally. So basically what you do is put the choker collar around someone’s neck, then attach a metal chain to it and you pull. It’s advisable to have a safe word though, in case it gets too intense. Easy, huh? Well, guess we weren’t all wrong, since you can actually put a person on a leash and take it around for a walk. Preferably in the bedroom.

Buy Now : Choker Collar

2. Handcuffs

Oh, you mean the ones Police use? No, no, we don’t. They do serve the same purpose though – locking someone up. They’re made from pure steel, have real keys and are covered with sexy fur. But don’t let Amazon description fool you, saying that it’s for partying only, birthday gifts, holidays with family, etc. Because we all know what they’re for, damn it. You handcuff your sex partner to the bed and then… well, you get creative. You let your imagination run wild.

Buy Now : Handcuffs

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3. Mouth Ball

Well, I’m pretty sure the technical term is a ball gag, but whatever. Anyway, the ball is attached to a strap that goes around your head. The ball obviously goes into your mouth. So you can’t talk. But don’t worry, though, the ball is soft, comfy and made from silicone. You’ll definitely enjoy not talking. And so will your partner. It’ll add just the right amount of kink you need – not too much, not too little.

Buy Now : Mouth Ball

4. Candles?

How about some lovely romantic candles for a perfect evening with your friend with benefits? The calming lights, the romantic atmosphere… Wait, that’s not it. These candles are used to pour wax onto your partner. Can you get more romantic than that?

Buy Now : Candles?

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5. Spanking Paddle

Has your partner been naughty? Teach him or her a lesson. This is an ideal tool for misbehaving partners and their booties.

Buy Now : Spanking Paddle

6. Pinwheel

Care to guess what this is? Because we have no idea. But we’re pretty sure it’s painful. Go find out for yourself and be sure to let us know!

Buy Now : Pinwheel

7. Book

What? A book? Yeah, to wrap it all up, read all about this, and even more, in “50 Shades of Gray” trilogy.

Buy Now : Book

Now, ready for the next one? The darkest one of all? Like, super dark? Check our next article.

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