Jennifer Lopez, Nicholas Cage & 10 Celebrities Whose Marriages Lasted Less Than 1 Year

Celebrity Marriages That Lasted Less Than 1 Year

If you think about how short-lived most celebrity marriages are, you’d be left wondering why they thought it was a good idea to get married in the first place.

Below are some of the most ridiculously short-lived marriages that ever happened.

10. Ojani Noa & Jennifer Lopez. (Less than 300 days)

Jennifer Lopez has had some ugly marriage experience, she makes every list when the topic is about celebrity marriages, and as we all know, celebrity marriages never last. 

9. Jim Carrey & Lauren Holly (Less than 300 days)

The couple divorced barely ten months into their marriage, citing the usual reason, “Irreconcilable differences”. Well, what could be so different that they didn’t see it ten months ago?

8. Jennifer Lopez & Criss Judd (215 days)

Well, here we have Lopez again, in another marriage, which lasted less than 250 days. Maybe marriage just isn’t her thing.

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7. Sophia Bush & Chad Michael Murray (160 days)

The stars both featured in One Tree Hill and got married in April of 2005, less than eight months later, they ended things before it even started. When questioned by reporters, Sophia said they were just being kids, kids who had no business getting married.

6. Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson (120 days)

If you listened to any of the interviews they granted after their divorce, you would think they were a bunch of strangers forced into an unwanted marriage.

Jennifer Lopez, Nicholas Cage & 10 Celebrities Whose Marriages Lasted Less Than 1 Year

5. Nicholas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley (107 days)

Cage turned down the chance to answer any questions relating to the divorce but Marie in response to questions about the divorce, said she didn’t think they should have married in the first place.

4. Eddie Murphy & Tracy Edmonds (14 days)

Tracy and Eddie got married in January of 2008, and 2 weeks in, they had already had enough of each other. 

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3. Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman (9 days)

Dennis filed for annulment, just nine days into the marriage. He said he was intoxicated when he took his vows.

2.  Nicholas Cage & Erika Koike (4 days)

Mr Cage’s marriage to Erika, was his fourth, it is safe to say he isn’t cut out for that life.

1. Alexander Jason & Britney Spears (55 Hours)

This marriage was dissolved as quickly as it was made official. I am guessing the judge that dissolved it, gave them a piece of his mind.


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Fun Fact

Is Nicolas Cage still married?

The actors must have moved quickly as Cage married his fourth wife Erika Koike just four months after they tied the knot. However, they filed for annulment four days after the ceremony, and the divorce was finalized a few months later.

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