Top 5 Hollywood Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts

Hollywood Actors or Should We Say Martial Artists?

It is make-believe all right, but everything we see on some of our best Hollywood blockbuster movies isn’t all illusions, these guys sometimes bleed it out on set, literally.

These five actors are famous for doing their stunts, as risky as it is; it has endeared them to their fans and put a lot more money in their pockets.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Given how large he was during his very active acting years, it was always a difficult task getting his lookalike for a stunt, so Arnold always ends up performing his stunt. It might not be down to his choice, but someone had to do it.

4. Tom Cruise

Mr Action Cruise might have melted hearts in some of the movies where he played some more relaxed role of a family man, but he certainly has had adrenaline pumping in those action-packed movies like Mission Impossible and Knight and Day, where he was responsible for all his stunts. No matter how ridiculously daring some of the stunts in his movies are, believe Cruise did it himself.

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 3.  Jason Statham

It is no surprise that Statham’s name would spring up in a list of stunt performers, no matter who compiles it. A real-life hard man, diver and martial artist, Jason Statham fears nothing and apparently, he loves the rush of stunting.

He enjoys doing his stunts in movies, and he even went ahead to advocate for stunt performers to have their category in the Oscar awards, pointing out that stunt performers are often overlooked and not given the credit they deserve.

2.  Angelina Jolie

Few ladies in the industry would hold their own when it comes to doing their stunts; Miss Jolie is one of those few. Just like her male counterparts bask in the thrills of doing these, sometimes life-threatening stunts, she gets her kind of satisfaction too, impressing her kids and keeping fit. Jolie the Supermum, I bet her kids are proud.

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1. Jackie Chan 

 Has any other actor endured more bodily harm onset than Jackie? I don’t think so. To get a snippet of what he does, watch the making of some of his movies. From jumping out of moving vehicles, to jumping into frozen waters to jumping into red hot coal, to getting run over by a hovercraft on a beach. What more can be said? Jackie Chan puts his body on the line while shooting his movies.

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