IELTS on Computers in Australia. All the Advantages!

Do you need to demonstrate a level of English to apply for a visa in Australia? Then you will be interested to know that you have the option of taking the IELTS exam on a computer, that is, using a computer instead of on paper and with a pen. We will explain more!

What are the IELTS formats?

There are two different formats: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. The first is usually necessary to access the university, so that you can choose IELTS Academic when you plan to study in Australia

On the other hand, the second is totally valid for immigration purposes in Australia, that is, to apply, for example, to the Work and Holiday visa. For this visa you will need to obtain an average score of at least 4.5 obtained in the 12 months prior to the presentation of the visa application.

Make sure which option is the one that suits you according to your objective.

What options do I have to take this exam?

Two: IELTS on computer or IELTS on paper. In this article we explain all the details about the first option.

What is the IELTS on computer?

All the exams, with the exception of the Speaking, will be done using a computer. The different parts that make up the exam are:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • *Speaking

*The exam is done in this order. Speaking can be done that same day or return to the center at another time to do it. This part is face-to-face, and you do it face to face together with the examiner. There is the option to do it online via Zoom.

Does the time I have to do it change?

Only in Listening. By doing it using a computer, you will not need to pass the answers to a specific sheet (answer sheet), since you answer directly on the computer screen. That is, you will go faster so you won’t need as much time to review your final answers.

Even so, before beginning each part of the Listening you will be able to read the questions. The same at the end of each test, where they will give you time to review your answers and make changes if you consider it necessary.

At the end of all parts, you will have two minutes for a final review of your answers. The total time of the Listening is between 30 and 34 minutes.

Why should I choose to take the IELTS on computer?

  • You will have headphones to perform listening.

In the center they will give you noise canceling headphones so that you can perfectly hear the audio of your Listening. You can set the volume of your headphones and change it at any time.

  • You will get the result in 2-5 days, much faster than the paper version.

If you are in a hurry to get the result, this is definitely your best choice!

  • There are many dates and times available to take the exam, 7 days a week.

On the same day you can choose between multiple hours to take your exam. Even on a Sunday!

  • You will have an automatic count of characters for Writing.

In the first task of your Writing you must write a letter consisting of at least 150 characters. For the second part, an essay of at least 250 characters. By doing it via computer, you will have an automatic character counter so that you can check, at all times, how many words you have written and thus decide if it is enough or if you should continue writing. Forget wasting time counting letters manually!

  • You will avoid that the examiner does not understand your handwriting and can penalize you for it

Confess it, your handwriting may not be the most beautiful in the world, right? Don’t worry! By doing it using a computer you will not have to suffer because the examiner does not understand something from your written test. In addition, you probably have a lot of fluency when typing on a keyboard and even go faster than doing it by hand.

  • You will be able to highlight texts on the screen and they will give you a piece of paper that you can use to take notes by hand, if you prefer.

If you are used to highlighting or underlining text on paper, you can also do it on your computer! In addition, they will give you paper and a pen in case you need to write something by hand. This paper will not be corrected, but you will not be able to take it home at the end of the exam either.

  • It is possible to copy and paste texts.

Fast and comfortable!

You will have no problem browsing forwards and backwards to reread your previous answers within the same test (Listening, Reading or Writing)

Do you have doubts with any of your previous answers? Don’t worry, go back and modify it. Of course, within the different parts of the same test. You will not be able to jump from one test to another. For example: from Listening to Reading.

  • You can choose the size and colors of your exam font

Make it bigger or smaller, set the color of the letter and the background (to make it more readable, for example, choose the black letter on a yellow background), etc.

If I have finished Listening and I have time to spare, will I be able to read the Reading questions?

No. Each test has a certain duration and you will have to wait until this time is up to be able to start another of the tasks that complete the exam. It would not be fair to those people who need more time to finish their tasks.

Will I be able to go to the bathroom between tests?

Yes, you will need to ask permission to go to the bathroom. The only thing, keep in mind that you will not be able to go to the bathroom during the last 5 minutes before the time of a test ends. They will probably walk you out, wait outside until you finish, and walk you back to class again. There is no way to cheat!

Will I be able to do the Listening after the other parts of my exam?

If there is availability, yes. It is really advisable to leave everything done the same day, so you will not have to go to the center again.

How much does it cost to take the exam in Australia?

AUD395. Think about the goal you want to achieve with this exam, it will be worth the investment! 

Where can I find the centers to do the IELTS in Australia?

Here. You can filter by state, city, modality (on computer or on paper), date, academic or general IELTS, etc.

Can I practice my exam online?

Of course! There are thousands of pages to help you prepare for IELTS at home. We leave you one of them here.

In any case, it is best to sign up for an IELTS preparation course in person, so you will make sure you master all parts of the exam and pass it without problems. We know all the schools that teach it in each Australian city. Ask us!

Should I bring my passport on the day of the exam?

YEAH. Without your passport they will not let you do it. In addition, they will take your fingerprint when you register at the beginning of the exam, and they will take a photograph of you before Speaking. Everything is very formal!

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