Why Studying in Australia Is Worth It?

Studying in Australia is prestigious. Local institutions have gained a high reputation for their new teaching standards and top-notch subject teaching. Universities regularly top the world’s best schools, and dozens of local academics have won Nobel Prizes. One of the reasons many applicants want to study in Australia is the diploma, which is highly valued all over the world. At the same time, the cost of education is 20 percent lower than in the United States or Great Britain. Now let’s take a closer look at the education system at different institutions.


In the “evergreen country” the concept of college refers to institutions of technical sciences, also divided into private and public. Colleges in Australia provide as a good education as universities through the TAFE (technical education) system. Students earn ‘credits’ (good grades) throughout the year; and the higher they achieve, the easier it is to progress to the next course without taking a transfer test. When applying to college, you can choose your degree and certificate (I to IV). After completing each stage, the student receives a certificate giving him the choice to go to work, enter the next degree, or go to university.


A university degree from Australia opens all doors for the student, because Australian institutions are highly regarded in the world. The educational system is based on European standards, and the study time is divided into Bachelor’s (4 years), Master’s (1 year) and Doctoral (3 years) degrees. Often applicants choose to study two degrees at the same time, such as History and Philosophy, or Law and Business (Finance). It requires a little more time to complete, but it allows the student to gain time and benefit from the educational experience.

You can choose to study at any of 42 universities, most of which are located in Sydney or Melbourne – Australia’s largest cities. Students over the age of 16 are also eligible to work while studying.


Every applicant who wants to live and study in Australia must be familiar with Australia’s academic culture. Still, the local education system is happy to accommodate enterprising and independent students. Attending lectures is not required – it is important to know the material and be able to work with it. But it is necessary to be present at the laboratory work and workshops. 

Prior to the commencement of classes, extra responsibilities and material are often assigned in order to provide a deeper understanding of the course topic. If the work is not done on time, the student risks his grade. Regular failures to meet deadlines (deadlines for submitting papers) result in the cancellation of the course. But all is not lost – many universities allow you to rewrite and resit your work. 

Also in Australia and local colleges plagiarism is harshly treated when submitting theses, term papers and other works. If it turns out that the work is copied from somewhere else, the course may also not count, and the student expelled (in special cases). So always familiarize yourself with the requirements and terms of reference for such works. This is of particular importance here. can help you to make sure that your work is original and of high quality.



It goes without saying that you should start your admission to the evergreen country with preparation. The sooner the better: approval and correction of lists, as well as consideration of applications (that is, all stages of admission of an international student) takes 3-5 months, so prepare for admission in nine months. Choose several universities that are suitable for you and study the events for admission. Often prestigious colleges leave all the information on their websites, including contacts – you can check all the information you are interested in with the coordinators.

  1. Application and application periods vary from industry to industry, and from institution to institution. You will usually enroll in February (the beginning of the course) and July (the middle of the course). You should check with each university individually to find out when you need to apply. In most cases, you will need to apply by December to be admitted at the beginning of the year. Applications are considered within three to four weeks of application. You can apply both through the contact addresses on the website of the chosen institution and through the international service Universities Admissions Centre.

The list of documents required for admission includes: 

  1. Proof of successful completion of the IELTS language proficiency test. Entrance score is 6 points. The cost of passing the test in Russia is about 15 thousand rubles. The IELTS certificate is only valid for three years from the date of passing the test, so if the deadline is about to be passed, take the test again. 
  2. Diplomas of success in education already received (e.g. school certificate) in English, certified by a notary. Requires school (11 years) and 1 year of university (12 years total). 
  3. A letter of recommendation from your instructor, colleagues, or friends abroad. 
  4. Student resume, portfolio (if required). 
  5. An essay on why you want to study in Australia and why you want to study in Australia. At, you can find professional writers who have specialized in admission essay writing and can help you craft an outstanding piece that will capture the attention of your prospective college or university.


Any educational institution in this country has a high reputation, but there are a few universities that are particularly distinguished and have won a great rating. International student benefit programs are also important for students. Let’s take a look at the main of the best universities. 


The National University of Australia, which brings together students from different countries (7,000 foreigners each year), is the leading university in the whole country. It ranks twentieth among the world’s top universities and first in Australia for future employment. There are many programs of study and specialties for both the humanities and those who prefer the technical sciences. Examples include business and economics, culture, law, the arts, physics and engineering.

There are many scholarships and stipends available for international students who are academically advanced or in need of assistance to help pay for their studies. These are awarded for a minimum of two semesters and are supplemented by competitive awards (based on academic merit). 


The University of Melbourne offers perhaps the best education in the humanities to 40,000 students from all countries. A variety of disciplines and departments (from medicine to finance, from history to culture), as well as a high level of employment (the university helps with this) and scholarships make it the most popular place for admission among foreigners. Every year the University of Melbourne awards 50 scholarships to students from other countries. MIUS payments are given to students who excel in their studies. Such outstanding students are usually paid ten thousand dollars for their tuition fees, or a 50-100% discount on the same. 


This is the oldest university in Australia. Located in Sydney, the institution is loved by many for its scenic beauty and high standard of education in various fields. This esteemed university is renowned for its exemplary teaching in the fields of arts and humanities, making it one of the most outstanding institutions globally. This, by the way, is a very healthy and athletic institution, many people come here for sports education and training, teams in various kinds of games (handball, soccer, rugby and others) take first place. Students with the best grades are paid up to 40 thousand dollars, as well as additional payments (or half tuition) depending on the department. 


The Queensland State University, based in Brisbane, has 50,000 students and a high standard of teaching in fields such as architecture, engineering and medicine. The Departments of Education, Chemistry and Business are also highly regarded. The university is home to several science centers, and Queenslanders win science awards and make breakthrough discoveries. Therefore, there is no question about the prestige of entering here – it really is one of the highest quality universities in the country and the world.

With the abundance of universities across Australia, there is no shortage of options for you to choose from! Higher education in this country is budget-friendly and provides students with a vast array of knowledge as well as valuable work experience. And, depending on its prestige – enrollment can come at a cost – but it’s sure worth your while. However, when it comes to the actual coursework itself, students can sometimes feel overwhelmed. That’s where comes in. This cheap college essay writing service is perfect for those who need a helping hand with tackling the assignments and essays that come with higher education.



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