How to Become a Certified NFT Professional – An Ultimate Guide

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are one of the latest entries among the groups of new digital assets with promising benefits. The trading volume in the global NFT market reached $24.7 billion in 2022. NFT projects have been gaining mainstream adoption with value-based use cases in marketing. At this point of time, the interest in NFT career paths has increased by huge margins. Irrespective of the crypto winter, the NFT trading volume on popular marketplaces continues growing. 

For instance, the trading volume of NFTs on Ethereum blockchain amounted to almost $514 million. Apart from the traditional giants such as OpenSea, new NFT marketplaces have been encouraging mainstream adoption of non-fungible tokens. However, the journey to become NFT expert is not as easy as buying a non-fungible token from popular NFT marketplaces. Let us find out how you can become a certified expert in NFTs.

What Are The Essential Steps to Becoming NFT Professionals?

The advantages of a career in NFTs extend beyond the financial rewards. Apart from an average annual salary ranging from $110,000 to $240,000, a certified NFT expert could enjoy the flexibility of choosing job roles in NFT. Do you want to become an NFT artist or a smart contract engineer? 

You can choose the role you want to work for after obtaining professional certifications. Which certification can help you become an expert in NFTs? What are the topics you must learn before preparing for an NFT certification of your choice? Here are the important steps in the ideal career roadmap for aspiring NFT professionals. 

  • Understand the Workings of Blockchain and Smart Contracts

The first step in preparing for the best NFT certification of your choice would be to learn about blockchain technology. Blockchain serves as the foundation for developing non-fungible tokens. In addition, you must also learn about the workings of smart contracts as they help in verifying NFT ownership on blockchain networks. 

  • Use Professional Training Courses

The next step in the preparations for becoming a certified professional in NFTs would involve professional training. You should choose professional NFT training courses to familiarize yourself with fundamentals of non-fungible tokens. It is important to learn about the origins, evolution, and working mechanisms of NFTs. On top of it, you should also learn NFT concepts with some of the top examples of NFT projects. 

  • Choose the Ideal NFT Certification

Once you have learned about NFT fundamentals with a professional training course, you must work on proving your skills. The Certified NFT Professional certification training course by 101 Blockchains can serve as the ideal answer for your certification requirements. The CNFTP certification offers an in-depth coverage of the fundamentals of blockchain technology and tokenization. 

In addition, it also offers training on use cases and advantages of NFTs alongside the challenges and risks associated with them. Most important of all, the NFT certification course also helps you learn the best practices for developing NFT collections. On top of it, the CNFTP certification course also offers insights into fundamentals of NFT trading. 

  • Follow a Preparation Plan with Dedication

The key ingredient for achieving success in your desired NFT career path is dedication. You can complete the learning objectives of training courses and achieve certifications for NFT expertise only through dedicated preparation. Candidates aspiring to become NFT expert must design an organized preparation plan with clearly defined timeframes. It is important to follow the preparation plan with a sense of accountability to your desired objectives.

Make sure that you choose relevant training resources that offer the flexibility to accommodate them in your preparation schedule. For example, NFT training courses with unlimited accessibility can serve as crucial advantages for learning about NFTs. Without any restrictions or deadlines, you are most likely to learn every concept in detail. 

Final Words

The Certified NFT Professional certification could offer the ideal answer to the doubts of aspiring NFT professionals. It is a self-paced certification training course with the most important topics related to non-fungible tokens. As the best NFT certification, CNFTP helps you learn everything required to create and trade non-fungible tokens. The demand for certified NFT experts is growing continuously as NFT utility extends beyond proving ownership of unique digital assets. Find your big breakthrough in the domain of NFTs with professional training courses and certification programs now. 

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