How to Turn Your Cat into Lap Cat?

Turning Your Cat into Lap Cat

Cat is a free-spirit animal. While, unlike cats, dogs are obedient spirits. Cats are moody and stubborn sometimes. If you have adopted/bought an adult cat recently and she isn’t that friendly as you wanted her to be. Then, keep reading as this post is specially written for you.

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There are few funny crazy cats ways to make your fur-baby a best Lil friend of you.

#1- Cats’ Kiss

Look at your kitty and blink your eyes slowly, cats consider it as kiss (symbol of love and affection). Chances are your cat respond in the same way. Don’t stare at any case, they think it as a sign of rudeness. Try to pass kisses occasionally to check her mood else try another way to get a response.

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#2- Rubs

All cats love rubs and they will perfectly respond when and where they want rubs. Usually, under the chin or around ears they love human rubs. Notice, their purr as they start purring when they are feeling good. So, giving rubs will remove distances between you both.

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#3- Rewarding

Rewarding works not only human but on cats too. Keep handful of treats. Reward them when they obey you, it will encourage and appreciate them for following you.

Suppose, you want your kitty on your bed. Throw a treat near her without looking at her. Throwing next after next, each time she is done, but keep decreasing the distance and finally throw a treat on your bed to call her on bed.

Such tricky ways of rewarding will always work on cats to teach anything.

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#4- Be patient

Cats can get frightened and threaten by your massive actions while you might not mean that even. Try to be calm and patient so they can gain confidence.

#5- Praise the beauty

Grooming your cat. Combing fur. Playing with fur by using your fingers. Talking to your cat in a slow, soft, lovely voice. Such loving behavior will make your kitty more affectionate.

These were the top 5 ways to turn your cat into a lap cat. Don’t forget to comment on which one worked for you! As maybe one way worked for someone while the same way doesn’t work for someone else. However, we shared the most common ways. any of your unique way sharing will be highly appreciated.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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