10 Cutest Animals on the Web

10 Really Adorable Animals On The Web

The web is dominated by thousands of species. These vary in beauty with some being good, some bad and others cute enough to give you an ‘Aww’ moment. Australiaunrwapped did a detailed research on cutest animals on the web based on the pictures posted online. We observed how people reacted to each of these animals and we have compiled an interesting list of them below.

Besides the cute puppies and kittens we see online on a daily basis, there are other cute animals out there. Most of these cute animals are infact harmless as opposed to the wild environment. But take note that cutest does not mean they cannot harm. Here they are:


Rabbits are cute small mammals and can be found almost anywhere on earth. The male rabbit is referred to as a buck while the female counterpart is called a kitten or kit. They are known to bear many babies – as many as 9 babies per year. Just like the cats and dogs, the rabbits come in a variety of colors and patterns and are very friendly. You have to maintain a special attention when around kids because those little teeth can pierce the human skin.


Cats come with an appeal that most other animals lack – they are not only quick but also small and very cute. The cuteness is further enhanced in the baby kittens. Due to these attributes, the cats have become the second most favored pets in Australia. Google ranks them as the second most searched pets.


Chinchillas are quick, perky little animals. They are just so lovely. If you have never encountered one, their personality resembles the park squirrel. They have a number of qualities such as an inquisitive, boisterous nature and beautiful soft lush fur that make them great pets. However, their fragile nature makes them not suitable for children. They bite if squeezed too tight.


As much as the cats and the dogs have an equal share of beauty, the dogs easily snatch the cutest animals’ title due to their loyalty to the master. Some dogs are known to have stuck by the graveside long after their master is buried. These adorable pets are a fun companion for an outdoor game. Some homes have traditionally used dogs for security and warning about an approaching intruder. You may not be around your dog 24/7 so make sure they get used to your family members to keep off the possibility of one attacking the other.

Baby Dolphin

The dolphins are highly intelligent aquatic mammals and hail from the family of toothed whales that comprise of pilot whales. They are diverse in nature and are found all over the world, preferring the shallow seas of continental shelves. Their meal is mainly squid and fish because they are carnivorous. The most conspicuous dolphin color is gray with darker backs but this varies greatly.


The hedgehogs are spiny mammals located in Europe, Africa and Asia. They resemble the rats but besides being cute, they are harmless as well. Their popularity as exotic pet animals has been on the rise due to their cuteness and unique personality.

Koala Bears

The bears are extremely rare animals found only in Australia. They attract massive crowds of tourists who cannot miss a second of glimpse on their tailless body. They have round fluffy ears perfectly seated on their large head. The average body length of a koala is 85 cm and weigh between 4 to 15 kg. The leaf-eaters have an innocent looking face that enhances their adorableness.


The young one of a sheep – less than a year old – is called a lamb. The sheep/lamb is a symbolic figure in the Christian religion.

Even though they are a source of meat for the non-vegans, the lambs are very cute animals. Just have a look at the video below:

Little Penguins

The penguins are cute and the only other animal that perfectly complements this cuteness is their little version. The Little Penguins are an exact replica of the normal penguins, except that are smaller. Australians refer to them as the fairy penguins because of their small size which makes them much cuter.

Red Pandas

Their name may have “Panda” but the Red Panda are not genetically related to the Giant Pandas. They hail from southwestern China and eastern Himalayas.

They come in a reddish-brown fur, waddling gait and a shaggy tail. The national laws of their countries protect the red pandas considering they are endangered species.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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