How Many of the 12 Apostles are Left

The Twelve Apostles

On Earth, there are many beautiful natural wonders and most of them are present in the country down under. Australia is home to a majority of beautiful places. The most beautiful waterfalls, the most scenic lakes, the most amazing fauna and flora, the most spectacular rock formations are all present in Australia. The Twelve Apostles is one such marvellous place located in Australia.

To describe the beauty of that place is a hard nut to crack. If you try to attempt it, you will fall short of words. No word in the entire dictionary could describe the beauty of that place. But, one thing is for sure God must have been very pleased with Australia, that He has given this marvel to Australia.

Location of The Twelve Apostles

Situated 7 km east of Port Campbell, the 12 Apostles are a group of limestone stacks on the shore of Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. From Melbourne, the 12 Apostles are just four hours’ drive away. You can drive through the Great Ocean Road treating your eyes to the stunning views.

History And Formation

The apostles are a result of erosion. The extreme weather conditions of the Southern Ocean are quite harsh and they caused the gradual erosion of the soft limestone forming caves in the tall cliffs. These caves then became arches and then collapsed. And what left were the 50 m high rock stacks.

Earlier this place was known as the Sow and Piglets, then the name was changed to The Apostles and gradually, The Twelve Apostles, even though there were only nine stacks remaining. Erosion is an unstoppable process.

Today, only eight apostles are standing tall. The ninth apostle fell in July 2005. But, this site remained one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia and receives thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Things To Do

The serenity, tranquillity and beauty will never let you leave that place. The view was spectacular. This place is an amazing spot if you are looking for some peace and silence far from crowded cities.  You can take a long walk hand in hand with your loved ones. The 1.1 km walk at the location is amazing. The place is very calm. The sand, the endless turquoise water and the sun setting look spectacular. You can enjoy the spectacular beauty of the place with your spouse, friends or family. To take an aerial view of the 12 Apostles, you can take a helicopter flight. The aerial view of the apostles and the Great Ocean Road extending miles and miles is unbelievable. You will surely cherish this throughout your life.

The 12 Apostles look unbelievably beautiful during sunrise and sunset. There are many beautiful tourist sites located nearby like Bay of Island, Gibson steps, Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge et al. You can visit these places and spend some time in serenity.

Australia is a beautiful country, but this place, in particular, is one of the best tourist destinations across the world.

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How many of the 12 apostles are left standing?

Although the apostles are called the 12 apostles, only 8 are standing since Mother Nature, time, and salty water have caused some of the apostles to fall.

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