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Australia is the world known for its pristine and gorgeous beaches. One can easily find few beaches of the country in the list of favorite beaches of the country. The country has more than 10000 beaches and all the shimmering views leave the travelers mesmerized.  The cable beach, Broom is one famous beach, known for its picturesque beauty and those enchanting sunsets. Famous for camel rides, the beach is often photographed as with a line of camels with tourists.

Location of Cable beach

Cable beach is 22 km long beach near Broome, in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. It stretches beside the mesmerizing blue of Indian Ocean.


There is an interesting history associated with the beach regarding how it got its name. During colonial time, the beach was named as one of the stops for the telegraph cable used to send telegrams between Java and Broom. Thus, it got the name Cable. The structure of the cable house, still there, as a testament of the colonial era and widely popular tourist spot. Now, the building hosts the courthouse of Broom.

Things to do

Cable beach is one of the most popular tourist places in the world. The white sand in the contrast to the aquamarine Indian Ocean is a sight to behold. You can click a lot of photographs because the beach is famous for its postcard beauty. The beach has several places to visit, relax and enjoy.

  • You can go for the spectacular sightseeing tours by air. To see the entire beach from an eagle eye is just breath stopping.
  • It is a great place to enjoy swimming, diving, beachcombing and sunbathing.
  • Since Broom is known for its pearl industry, a local farm visit will give you the insights of the farm industry.
  • Camel rides are something Cable beach is identified with. It is a must for those tourists who can endure it. In fact, the beach is often photographed as a line of tourists on the back of camels in the backdrop of the stunning sunsets.
  • It also does not lack in the history quotient. There are colonial era buildings and Aboriginal art and cultural sites. Minyirr Park, along the beach, is a great place to know about the Aboriginal era lives, science and medicines especially the herbs they used, which are still being used.
  • Gantheaume Pointis located at the southern end of the beach, is the most famous for its 130 million old Dinosaur footprint. If you are lucky enough to have a really low tide, you can witness it yourselves.
  • The multicultural society has contributed some of the finest cuisines you can enjoy along with shopping local souvenirs.
  • The journey of the beach cannot be concluded without the marvelous view of the sunset. The bright orange ball setting along the turquoise ocean should be enjoyed with a glass of wine.


The camel rides and the stunning sunsets are to be reckoned with cable beach.

Broome, where cable beach is located, is known as the Pearling Capital of Australia.

Interesting fact

From a short distance to Cable beach, Roebuck Bay is known for an optical illusion Staircase to the moon, occurring between March and October.

Cable beach is often considered as one of the top beaches of Australia. The beach has history, culture, science and wilderness all rolled in one, making it a fascinating destination.

Enjoyed the mesmerising view at the pristine Cable Beach near Broome? Did you love the picturesque beauty and got stunned with the enchanting sunsets?Share your experience with us in the comment below or send in your own article and pictures of your experience here .

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