Game of Thrones – 10 Most Shocking Fact You Probably Didn’t Know

Ten Most Shocking Facts About Game Of Thrones

GoT was the world’s biggest sensation ever. And, even though it ended, still is. Many people are rewatching it, especially during the lockdown. But just in case you missed a thing or two – we’re here to help.

1. It Was Insanely Expensive

Filming just one episode cost approximately $6,000,000. And that makes you wonder – how much did it cost to film the entire show? Try and calculate each episode of each season and add it all together. But do it without using a calculator – we dare you!

2. The Filming Was Worldwide

The show was filmed in many different locations around the world – Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, USA and Canada. And that’s probably a record in the filming industry.

3. Got Actually Influenced The World’s Economy

The show also attracted a lot of tourists to every country they were filming in. That also greatly helped the economy of those countries. Meaning that this show was not only about entertainment, but also helped the world’s economy!

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4. Peter Dinklage – The Biggest Star Of The Show

Peter Dinklage, whose character was the all-time fan favourite Tyrion Lannister, was the most paid star of the show. And can we really blame him? Remember the “I drink and I know things” reference? Epic.

Game of Thrones – 10 Most Shocking Fact You Probably Didn’t Know

5. Real Languages

Two completely new languages were created just for the purpose of the show – Dothraki and Valyrian language. The creator of these languages is a linguist, David Peterson.

6. Real Wolves

The famous scary yet adorable wolves that appear in the show were actual wolves. They were computer enlarged, but real nonetheless. 

7.He Was Really Blind

The actor who played Maester Aemon is actually blind in real life.

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8. We Almost Got The 8th Season

The show was actually supposed to have 8 seasons instead of 7. But eventually, the producers had to shorten it for 1 season due to some financial issues. 

9. Originally There Was Supposed To Be Way More Dragons In The Show

Even though George R. R. Martin’s book mentions Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons much more often, there were fewer of them in the show, as we all know and regret.

10. “The Walk Of Shame” Nude Scene

During “The walk of shame” scene in season 5, Cersei Lannister didn’t actually walk naked. Instead, she had a body double. In fact, she mentioned several times during her interviews that she’s actually a shy person in real life.

Whether you like or dislike the show, it’s undeniable that it literally took over the world for 9 whole years. Still, if you didn’t like it – you can always watch South Park’s parody on it and laugh at it.


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