Eurovision 2020 Australian Threats based on Past Performance

Top 10 Eurovision Nations That threaten Australia in the 2020 Song Contest

65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is right here! Hosted by the country of tulip fields, the landscape of canals and windmills, the Netherlands, Eurovision is gonna bring some top iconic figures from more than 20 countries across the globe to display the magic of their voices. Australia, who has been in the contest since 2015 after their premiere in Vienna, is geared up for competing in the Song Contest in 2020. What distress Australia at this point are the top Eurovision songs that can outpace the country during the contest. Here, we have compiled a list of such top hits:

1. Ktheju Tokës

Sung by Albania’s most popular female stars, Jonida Maliqi, Ktheju Tokës is a mid-tempo number of dynamic, warrior genre sung by Maliqi especially for the people of her country in her native language. The song is about Albanian immigration in connection with Kosovo war which makes it fairly enticing and enchanting in an odd manner.

2. Walking Out

Solid mid-tempo pop song by Srbuk, a Voice of Armenia star and former X Factor, much celebrated in her hometown and could become famous in the upcoming Eurovision depending on her performance. Walking Out is through a mid-tempo track, but it can stick in people’s head in no time.

3. Limits

Sung by Gabriela Horn is commonly known as Paenda – an Austrian singer, songwriter and music producer – Limits is an inconspicuous, wheezy and eerie number that will give you goosebumps. Paenda with her blue hair and cool voice can stand out with this song as lately some hushed numbers have made to the top of the list.

4. Truth

This pop song is a bit of bebop – strumming guitar combo with chorus and verses – it makes you fall in love with this number. It won’t be astonishing to listen to this song being played at no. 01 on the radio. Chingiz Mustafayev has definitely sung a smash.

5. Like it

The song sung by Zena is produced by Yulia Kireeva and Viktor Drobysh, the latter has a nifty hand for producing upbeat tracks. Beginning with alluring guitar strums, the song picks up a catchy rhythm that follows the lyrics till Zena finishes her story.

6. Wake Up

Belgium has sent some of the coolest singers to the Eurovision, and Eliot is no exception. Wake Up is a classic Belgium mid-tempo track with a theatrical chorus. This teenager has successfully kept Belgium’s waggish tradition alive.

7. The Dream

Roko Blaževic has done a canny job by blending the top themes of the Song Contest and presenting them as The Dream. The song is a mix of love and affection, dreams, dreaming of love, angles, not giving up on dreams, then twisting into the war which turns into hope and what not! The song gives hope, instils positivity and spreads the message of love.

8. Roi

Sung by a French singer and YouTuber, Bilal Hassani, the song combines English and French lyrics. His atypical character is equally important. Just like Conchita Wurst, Bilal exemplifies so much more at Eurovision and his song would do definitely remarkable well this time.

9. Love Is Forever

The Danish soulful voice of Leonora has definitely saved Love Is Forever song from moving into sickly lines. But the song is well composed and cuteness of Leonora makes it all the more enticing. These Dutch lyrics are captivating!

10. Anyone but England

The only nation we don’t need to fear is the English, while they produce some great singers and songs the Europeans don’t vote for them. This is likely due to childish jealousy and political point-scoring, no matter the reason, the good old Brit’s present little threat to the mighty linguistical prowess of Australia.


If you wanna know about some top hits of the Eurovision Song Contest that will give Australia a tough time, then you are just at the right place. These songs of the Eurovision with their alluring melodies and captivating lyrics will shake the Aussies in Song Contest.



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