How to Prevent Pregnancy Without Spaying Cats? | 4 Definitive Ways To Do That

Prevent Pregnancy Without Spaying Cats

Spaying cats considered the best option for female cats owners. But it couldn’t be possible for many owners such as future plans for breeding or due to expansive spaying cats treatment or any other reason.

We understand life isn’t easy with female cats. Especially, restless days and nights for busy owners in heat period. Calming a cat on heat isn’t easy every time.

Even you are breeder, still, it isn’t healthy to go for mating each time the cat goes on heat. So many litters can cause serious health issues in your kitty.

Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy Without Spaying Cats

Today, we will be discussing the several ways that how to prevent unwanted pregnancy without spaying cats.

#1- Indoor Cats:

Keeping your cat indoor in heat intervals will be helpful. However, it will be too hard if you have a male cat too. Keeping both of them away isn’t an easy job. Usually, cats go into heat in every 20-22 days period and they can stay up for 8-10 days. Practically, keeping your cat in and separate from male cats will be really hard exercise and it will require a hell of attention. So, being a busy owner, it will be a tiresome duty but at the end, you will be successful in avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

#2- Hormonal Therapy:

There are various ideas for altering your kitty’s hormonal activities in artificial ways. Well, known is the estrogen and prostaglandin which will help to break the heat cycle. Choose any only on your vet’s recommendation. Keep in mind such therapy isn’t risk-free for your cat as all the medications have their own side effects too.

#3- Trip to Vet for Inducing Ovulation

Cats are known as induced ovulators. It is a kind of treatment in which the cat’s vagina gets stimulated for the occurrence of ovulation during intercourse. We can say, production of fake eggs. In reality, your cat will not get pregnant but this ovulation will end the heat cycle for 36-38 days. It will prevent real mating or pregnancy. This should be done by an expert vet. Don’t try it yourself at home by following different manuals published over internet.

#4- Birth Control Injections for cats

The common birth control injection used on cats is Depo-Provera which is considered safe too. However, only one injection can prevent pregnancy by breaking the cycle. But, such birth control pills or injections contain the higher risk of uterine infection, mammary tumors and diabetes in cats.  There are a number of other less serious side effects of this injection including weight gain and hair loss.

Final Words:

Spaying a cat is recommended by 90% of people. But, preventing unwanted pregnancy without spaying a cat will always leave the option of future breeding. Also, being a good owner, we shouldn’t dissolve the rights of animals. As we human want to become parents, maybe our cats also have the desire of having kittens.

The safest way is keeping your cat completely indoor when she is on heat. You can keep her busy by playing with her, diverting her attention here and there. Or, maybe talking to her. Giving belly rubs will work too. This will be a 24-hour tough job for you. You can relax only when kitty would be sleeping. But, this way, you can not only avoid unwanted pregnancy but also risks attached to the above-mentioned treatments. You should know that all the medications will have their own negative aspects or hidden side effects which might not be mentioned but sooner or later you will notice.

Fun Fact

How many kittens does a cat have?

While cats usually have an average of four kittens in each litter, this can range from one to 12 kittens. Larger litters are seen more frequently in pedigree breeds such as Oriental, Siamese and Burmese.

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