15 Things You Did Not Know About the BTS Boy Band That Will Shock You

BTS is a K-pop boy band that follows in the footsteps of iconic boy bands such as Backstreet Boys. They are currently the most popular boy band worldwide, with over 40 million followers on social media. If you are progressively falling in love with the seven fascinating members of this group, here are 15 shocking facts you did not know about BTS that will surely surprise every die-hard army.

1.      BTS fuels the South Korean economy.

BTS is one of the musical sensations of recent years, and they can assist the South Korean economy. Dynamite, the first all-English hit single by worldwide sensation Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), was not only the group’s first Billboard number one hit. Moreover, BTS contributed a massive $1.43 billion to the Korean economy. This statistic comes from the South Korean Ministries of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. The income generated by that song contributed to the creation of 7,928 jobs during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The band is worth $3.6 billion to the country, and one out of every 13 visitors to South Korea in 2017 came because of BTS. That equates to 800,000 tourists in a single year. They also contribute $1 billion in BTS exports such as cosmetics and clothing.

2.      None of the BTS Members Are Actually From Seoul

Even though Big Hit Entertainment (now Hybe Corporation) is in Seoul, not all of these artists are from the city. BTS got formed in Seoul, yet none of its members were born there. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are all from cities as stunning and distinctive as the group.

RM was born in Ilsan, the home to Lake Park, Asia’s largest artificial lake. Lake Park boasts gorgeous wildflowers, flora, and a singing fountain that has been the setting for several Korean productions.

Jin’s hometown is the Seoul National Capital Area. It is home to the Seoul Grand Park Zoo, the Korean Peninsula’s first zoo. It was established in 1909 and is a popular tourist site today.

Suga and V are from Incheon, South Korea’s fourth-largest city after Seoul, Busan, and Incheon, and it has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. In addition to stunning parks and mountains, it gives the impression that you may travel back in time by visiting preserved villages such as Otgol Village and Inheung Village.

J-Hope was born in the centre of the agricultural Jeolla province, known for its diverse cuisine. If you go, make a reservation at Cheongwon Mobil. Since the 1960s, this restaurant has been a fixture in Gwangju’s culinary scene.

Jimin and Jungkook got raised in Busan, South Korea’s second-most populated city. This beachfront hamlet is an ocean lover’s dream and the ideal vacation destination.

 3.      RM is genius

BTS’s leader is well-known for his intelligence—his IQ is a staggering 148. While the average person’s IQ is about 100, RM is the group’s most fluent English speaker, having learned the language while watching Friends. He has been instrumental in BTS’ success in English-speaking nations and rising global dominance.

He got ranked in the top 1% after the national university admissions examinations. But what it means most now is that RM, born Kim Nam-Joon, is the firm and mature leader of this leading pop group, directing them to new heights and smashing all barriers.

4.      BTS almost had A very different stage name.

BTS members have discussed the possibility of their group name becoming something other than its original purpose.

On the June 22 broadcast, they stated that a few different team names got considered before settling on Bangtan Boys. Other names mentioned by the guys were Big Kids and Young Nation, and they informed the interviewers that Big Kids got imagined because their talent agency’s name is Big Hit Entertainment, which rhymes with it.

 5.      Jin has crooked fingers.

Jin’s crooked fingers are most likely the consequence of a congenital condition that causes low collagen levels or faulty collagen with a structural flaw in the molecule.

Collagen is an essential protein serving as the glue of connective tissue. It stabilizes the skin, muscles, and ligaments while also making them elastic. Swan neck deformity is a type of finger malformation in which the joint closest to the fingertip is permanently twisted toward the palm while the joint closest to the palm is curved away from it. Because the ligaments are not strong enough to maintain the end joint in position against the force of the extending muscle, the middle joint is hyperextended while the end joint is bent. It is why Jin’s fingers only seem crooked when he straightens them.

6.      V is ambidextrous. 

Although not many armies are aware of it, V is ambidextrous. It is the ability to use both the right and left hand equally well. Although V got born left-handed, the BTS member taught his right hand. Now, he dominantly uses both of his hands with ease. Not only has he acknowledged being a lefty on numerous occasions, but the other members of his band have also stated the same thing about him.

Since this is the case in many Asian countries, such as V’s home country of South Korea, it is not unusual that he went through the same experience. To become ambidextrous, the BTS member would have needed to train his right hand to be as dominant as his left.

7.      J-hope almost left the band twice.

Jhope was on the verge of quitting the band twice. First, before their debut, Throughout this talk, Jung Hoseok, better known by his stage name J-Hope, announced that he had decided to leave the band before their debut. He had shown an interest in becoming a solo dancer and had even informed the members about it. However, Jungkook broke down when he learned that J-Hope prepared to leave. Jungkook’s heartfelt speech moved J-Hope that he chose to stay with the band.

The second one is that in 2018, BTS produced a documentary-style film titled Burn The Stage in theaters, in which they opened up about their journeys and lifestyles.

J-Hope got singled out as the weakest member of the Bangtan Sonyeondan. They were harsh in their criticism of J-Hope’s position and appearance. It snowballed to the point where the hashtag KickOutJHOPEbts trended over Twitter. Considering BTS is on Twitter, some assumed that the members observed it. Nothing came of this except the counter hashtag JHopeYourePerfect, which became a trend. J-Hope did not quit, BigHit did not tackle the problem, and BTS’ activities continued.

8.      Jungkook is a shy person.

Jeon Jungkook is dubbed as the golden Maknae. Aside from his dazzling dancing skills and powerful vocal abilities, the K-Pop idol has several followers due to his shy manner and hesitant personality, which ironically cost him his breakthrough with BTS.

By the time he started Big Hit Entertainment, Jungkook was so shy that CEO Bang Si-hyuk was unsure if the young kid could make it as a K-pop idol. When Jungkook was a trainee, he could not sing when management asked him to. He was timid and just twisted his body for 15 minutes. Because of that, the company thought that he lacked talent. The management questioned whether he could even make his debut. 

9.      Several petitions demanded BTS’ disbandment.

The President’s Office is obligated to state if the petition obtains more than 200,000 signatures, although that figure is unlikely to be reached. The petition, which got launched on September 25, begs for the band’s disbandment because its members are haughty. What else have they done to get excused from military service? They did this to express their dissatisfaction with a July discussion about military service exemptions prompted by a politician. 

10.  J-hope is the wealthiest member of BTS.

Each member of this BTS boy band has a similar net worth of around $8 million, except for rapper and vocalist J-Hope, who gets reported to have a net worth of $12 million. This boost in fortune seems to be due to his solo project, wherein he produced an EP titled Hope World.

However, this artist creates his money where his words are. In February 2019, J-Hope contributed 100 million Korean won, or about $89,000, to ChildFund Korea. In December 2018, the rapper gave 150 million won, about $133,000, to the same organization.

11.  Jungkook and Jimin almost had very different stage names.

Since BTS’ debut, some of the members have had different stage names, and they expounded on the significance of their stage names. When they initially joined BTS, Jimin and Jungkook chose to use their real names as stage titles, but they had a few options.

For Jimin, this refers to naming him Baby G. Baby G was one of the stage names he was considering, along with Baby J, but he thought it sounded awkward when he said it out loud, so he has chosen to stick with his name, Jimin.

Jungkook revealed his possible stage name as Seagull. While his full name is Jeon Jungkook, the idol has chosen to go by his birth name. He is from Busan and means seagull in English. 

12.  Jimin almost did not make it to his debut in BTS.

Despite graduating from the famous Busan Arts High School in dance, Jimin of BTS almost did not make his debut. Jimin said on JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator show that the group’s management, Big Hit Entertainment, seriously questioned whether he was a suitable match for the group. Jimin specializes in modern dance, which is very different from the style of dancing normally necessary for idols to be successful. However, he was finally able to verify himself to the company and debuted as a lead dancer alongside the other six members. 

13.  Suga is afraid of fireworks.

BTS members share their likes, dislikes, fears, and phobias with the ARMY. Many of these anxieties prove to be the oldest and most unique, so we tell you all about them here.

On one occasion, Suga, commonly known as Agust D, mentioned that one of his greatest phobias is disappointing and upsetting his parents. He also said that he is terrified of fireworks since they are so loud, and he admitted to being afraid of seeing and hearing them. 

14.  V came from a farmer’s family.

His background shows that he was born into a poor household in Daegu, South Korea. His parents appreciated him, but they were too preoccupied with their jobs to raise him, so he was then nurtured by his grandma. V’s grandmother was his closest family member before she died. As a kid, he got told that he must become a farmer, so he never dared to dream anything more. That changed when he became motivated enough to begin playing the saxophone.

When he realized that singers were required to be able to dance, he began taking dance courses and decided to accompany his buddies to an audition. Afterward, V discovered that he was the single individual from Daegu who had succeeded in the auditions. He made his debut with Big Hit Entertainment after three years of training. BTS was the first male group to debut with a single, “No More Dream,” in 2013.

15.  BTS came from a small company; they started with nothing.

They even had to sacrifice the things most important to them so they could eat. They were squeezing themselves into a small apartment and had to take responsibility for themselves at such a young age. It is the reason why they wrote the song “Move.” While it may be hard to believe, BTS had very humble beginnings. At the time, Big Hit had few employees and did not have enough funding to provide the group with good sets for shooting their album photo concepts.

Now that you know these strange facts about BTS, did they shock you? If you enter the world of the ARMY and this boy group, you will find a captivating and talented community. They also create beautiful music, art, designs, and merchandise. So come now and join the global phenomenon!

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