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The Best Nail Straightener For Your Unhealthy Damaged Nails:

Every woman loves her attractive and smooth hands with beautiful healthy nails. If you’re anxious about your unhealthy and damaged nails you might need a good nail strengthener, which may help you to achieve stronger, longer and healthy nails.

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How to Choose The Best Nail Strengthener According To Your Nails Type?

Your damage nails require nourishment to enhance their growth which could be fulfilled by using some best nail strengthener. Here, we’re providing you with some preferred formulas of nail strengthener, to get your pretty nails.


1. Nail Tek, Nail strengthener Xtra

Use this, if your nails are weak and blemish. This strengthener is a bit strong, it is specially designed for repairing the weakest and damaged nails.

From regular using, it will give you a very smooth surface, shiny nails. This formula is one of the cheaper, and best for your damaged and cracked nails.


2. Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener Strengthener PolishTreatment

Bad news for you! You’re having an important occasion in next week and your nails broke down. So here is a solution for fast repairing in a few weeks. Before applying nail polish, use this polish treatment as a base coat and see the results!

You’ll feel slightly burning, but don’t worry! It’s an indication of working on your broken nails. This formula gives you a very natural look, enhance your nails growth too.

Note: never use this frequently because it’s a strong formula!


3. Gelish Vitagel Recovery LED / UV cured nail strengthener

Are you looking for a product which gives you a salon finish at home?

You need to try this product (Gelish Vitagel Recovery LED / UV cured nail strengthener). This formula gives you maximum strength just in three weeks, Yes! you hear this right only 3 weeks. This is formaldehyde-free. You’ll achieve your protected nails by using this as a base coat or topcoat.

The price of this formula is a little higher but it is good for long-duration use.

Hopefully, this article gives an idea to choose the best nail strengthener according to your nail type to have healthy, beautiful and long nails.

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