Summer Essentials: A List Of Things You’ll Need On Your Summer Vacation

Summer is here and it’s the best time of the year because it’s just about that time where we can all let loose, make memories and try out new experiences. The best thing about summer is planning for a vacation, but what’s even better is when you’re able to do it in a way that involves no stress whatsoever. The only way to do this is to be prepared and make yourself a list of the things you’re going to need to have with you while you’re on vacation. To keep the mood of relaxation going for you, we’re going to do you a favor and provide you with that very list!

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The first thing you need to list are your toiletry essentials. We all have certain products that we rely on, so it’s never a good idea to hope that you might just find what you want at your destination. Chances are, the brand you use won’t be there and you’ll be miserable. This list needs to include your shampoo and conditioner, your facial skincare products, toothbrush and toothpaste, and last but certainly not least, your sunscreen. Always have sunscreen for your body and invest in one for your face because you want something that won’t be oily or leave a white residue. You should also have aftersun lotion in case you do suffer from a sun burn at any point. Take with you hair products that will help protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun, the sea water and the chlorine in case you plan on swimming in a pool as well.


What is a good summer vacation without a variety of clothes that you finally get to show off? During summer we go out a lot. Whether it’s to the beach, for meals, or to party at night. The best way to organize this in a way so that you don’t over or under pack, is to plan outfits for each day. The basics are day clothes for breakfast and strolls during the day, beach outfits which include your bathing suits, and evening clothes for both relaxing dinners and fancy nights outs. And definitely don’t forget to take your underwear!  

Shoes & Slippers

Summer vacations have their own collection of footwear, so this is something that needs to be added to the list as well. You need to pair shoes and sandals with the outfits you plan to wear. When heading to the beach, it’s always best to go for comfortable slippers. You can look for the best havaianas for sale online and you don’t even have to waste time by going out and looking for them this way. As long as you know your size, shopping for these online would be your best bet. Slippers are very convenient because especially if you’re going to a beach location, you can wear them all the time if you like. Check out for more options. 

Portable Charger

A mistake that many of us often make is forget that different destinations have different electrical outlets that may not fit our electrical appliances that we take with us. This includes our laptops, hair straighteners and driers, and of course our phone chargers. The best thing to do is to take a universal adaptor with you. What this does is give you the option to adapt to any kind of outlet for any of your appliances. You should also have a couple of power banks charged and with you at all times so that you don’t end up in a situation where you don’t have a way to contact people for any kind of reason. 

First Aid Kit & Medication

We don’t live in the stone age, so you are bound to find help if you even find yourself in need of medical attention. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared for the worst. It’s best to be self reliant for any kind of emergency situation. Like when you need to treat a cut or a bruise, or even a blinding headache. Keep in mind that even though you will have the resources, it always best to stock up on any medication that you usually take, especially if it’s prescription to avoid any kind of set backs.

It really is that simple! This is a list of the necessities in a nutshell, and once you break down every point to list out your personal preferences, you’re going to have the perfect template for the ultimate summer vacation checklist. This way, all you need to do is do a final round of checks on everything you have listed and you no longer have to worry about that nagging feeling that you may or may not have forgotten anything and enjoy your time off the way you should.

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