Top 7 Trendy DIY Holiday Nail Art Design Ideas

Looking for Stylish DIY Holiday Nail Art Design Ideas? Here you go

Looking for Simple and Easy Holiday Nail Art Design Ideas? Congratulations, you are on the right page.

Sometimes, being lazy, in rush or maybe trying to save money from spending in nail salons, we all do compromise on our nail art and go for simple DIY nail art solutions. But it doesn’t work on holiday, as you should have more vibrant and popping nail art designs.

Days have gone, when having good dress, shoes and makeup styles considered more than enough. Now, nail art is something more important than your rest preparations. All of us might not be able to afford expensive nail salons to have superb nail art designs. So, it is good to have alternate such as following simple and easy but trendy DIY holiday nail art design ideas which can be easily done at home.

Simple and Easiest Holiday Nail Art Design Ideas

So, the excuse is….. “But, I am too lazy to get the festive manicure done? I might get late for the holiday party.”

No worries!

You don’t need to spend hours in drawing intricate nail patterns even you eagerly want to cover your nails with awesome nail art design. We are going to share the most simplest ways from glittery pattern to twinkling starts nail art designs. Such easy techniques and nail art hacks will motivate you to show off little enthusiasm about holidays.

Top 7 stunning holiday nail art design ideas

Curious to learn how to make easiest but stunning nail art designs for holiday? Here, we go;

1- Snowy Night Scene Nail Art Design

Love to have winter touch while painting your nails. Why not to try something look too dashing while too easy DIY holiday nail art design? Let’s not go into complex and floral nail art design ideas to make it difficult and time consuming for you. We suggest that you should try something sparkling. This nail art recipe involves smearing the glitter on the dark base, specifically holographic glitter. Simple as a piece of cake, you just need two nail polishes and a makeup sponge.

Steps to follow:

  1. First of all, apply a nail paint coat of dark nail polish on the base of your nails.
  2. Put a small amount of glitter nail polish onto the makeup sponge.
  3. Now, simply apply the nail glitter on the nails coated with the base colour with the help of makeup sponge.
  4. Focus on nail tips and move sparsely towards cuticles.
  5. Finally, apply the top coat of transparent nail polish for extra shine! That’s it!

2- Half and Half simple and complex nail art design

Do you love double fun simultaneously? Such as simple & complex all together on all fingers just for the sake of more fun? Split Nail art design is made for you.

Steps to follow:

  1. Place the tape to cover half of your nails.
  2. Apply any colour basic nail polish in simple way.
  3. Let it dry properly.
  4. Remove the tape from other half.
  5. Now decorate the plain half with different nail accessories.
  6. You can use small hearts, stars, glitter or anything.
  7. End results will be 1 side decorations and other half side a plain nail polish.

3- Glamorous Snow In Blue Nail art design

Would you mind to try little complex to have glamorous snow in blue holiday nail art?

Many of us are big fans of snow and winter. This snowy nail art isn’t just made for us but will be great for everyone to try in happy holidays (as Christmas Nail Art designs). Believe or not, it looks intricate but damn easy to do.

Steps to follow:

  1. Apply gently the light blue nail colour as base coat
  2. Pick white nail polish for having snow touch. Use it with the help of makeup sponge.
  3. tap tap unless you get the desired results.
  4. Finally, use toothpick or some small brush to have same tiny white snowy dots.
  5. All done, apply transparent nail polish to lock your nail art.

4- Green With Gold French Tips Nail art design

If you love simple but elegant french nail art designs, then this design is just made for you.

Pretty easy to do, but looks stunning.

Steps to follow:

  1. Apply double coats of any dark colour, in above case, it is dark green.
  2. Use HQ metallic nail paint, with thinnest striper nail brush to draw a thin golden line.
  3. To make it proper, use the brush twice times from right to left and left to right back.
  4. And, you’re done!

5- Festive Plaid Holiday nail art design idea

Do you have an eye for geometric nail art designs? Try Festive Plaid on upcoming holidays.

Steps to follow:

  1. Apply any of your favourite nail colour as base.
  2. Choose any two lacquers which helps the base colour to look more stunning.
  3. Apply in crosshatch nail art design as can be seen in above picture.
  4. Keeping lines thin will give it professional look.
  5. Finally, lock it with glossy nail polish.

6- Twinkling Stars Red nail art Christmas Special

Twinkling stars red nail art is one of the cutest and easiest Christmas nail art designs.

Steps to follow:

  1. Apply double coat of dark red nail colour.
  2. Use thin striper nail brush with glitter white nail paint.
  3. first of all draw a vert white line and then bit smaller horizontal line and then equal diagonal lines as can be seen in above picture.
  4. Same brush can be used to make some small dots.
  5. Finally, transparent glitter coat for finishing touch.

7- Chrome Tips Nail Art design

Chrome tips nail art is perfect for the glamorous touch nails!

Applying Chrome tips nail art design is as easy as Golden French Nail Tips. The only difference is use of metallic chrome nail paint.

Steps to follow:

  1. Paint your nails with any dark colour. (Dark purple and Dark blue are recommended)
  2. Paint free edge stripes with Chrome nail paint to have glittery nail tips.

Don’t hesitate to share with us any inspirational, interesting and creative nail art idea (if you have any).


Main Image Source : Pixabay

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