5 Best Law of Attraction Documentaries and Movies

The 5 Best Movies On The Law Of Attraction

Are you seeking the finest movies on the law of attraction to watch? Films and documentaries about the law of attraction will encourage you to aim big. These will assist you in living a meaningful life. But if you haven’t seen any outcomes, seeing them will inspire you to continue pursuing your objective. It will assist you in discovering the actual meaning and significance and educate you on how to enjoy life to the utmost.

The Secret 

Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret reintroduced the Law of Attraction. It’s a documentary that features interviews with experts and writers in psychology, theoretical physics, philosophy, and self-improvement. It exemplifies New Thoughts that state that one must believe in the conclusion and think about it consistently to materialise.

A person’s feelings should also be encouraged. Many people watched it, including superstars like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Larry King. Its allegation, however, drew a lot of criticism and stirred up a lot of debate. It is a fantastic film with the concept of the law of attraction.

What the bleep, do you know?

It chronicles the narrative of Amanda, a fictitious heroine who faces spiritual and mental challenges in her life as a photographer. Experts from various fields have an interviewed for their perspectives on Amanda’s situation. which are based on quantum physics and biology. It aids in the integration of spirituality, quantum physics, and awareness. It claims that everybody in the outside world is a reflection of the inner world. And that we can shape our reality via the power of thinking and conviction.

Conversation With God

It recounts the actual story of Walsch, a poor guy who becomes a well-known religious messenger and best-selling book by mistake. In the movies, he writes a letter to God, frustrated and anxious, and receives an answer from Him. In his book of the same name, Walsh relates the response he received from God. It’s a fantastic motivating film that talks directly to your spirit. It informs us that if we pause and pay any attention to God and have confidence in Him, everything will be well. It’s a fantastic motivating film that talks directly to your spirit. It informs us that if we pause and pay any attention to God and have confidence in Him, everything will be well. The conversation with God is all about the law of attraction.

Being in Heaven

It tells the narrative of Jason Masterman. After destroying everything in a financial meltdown, he returns home to make a fresh start. During a visit to the residence, he meets a mystery guy, an author, who would profoundly impact Jason’s life. Jason learns about the enigmatic writer’s history, losses, and how he radically changed his life. After listening to the writer’s narrative, Jason understands that he can be anybody with the information and methods he has given him. It’ll take you on a voyage of waking and discovery that will challenge and delight you.

You Can Heal Your Life 

The film You Can Heal Your Life is Louise L. Hay’s best-selling book. It provides you with an inside look into Louise’s life, the difficulties she experienced, and how she overcame them in the first year of her existence by using the healing ability of creative positivity. It is an incredible movie based on the law of attraction.

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