5 Best Movies Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid


Movies Like a Diary Of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a unique and exciting movie for kids. The middle school kids and younger children admire the story of a diary of a wimpy kid. The film’s primary story is based on Jeff Kinney Diary’s novel of a wimpy kid. In this novel, the writer features Greg’s life during the classes and breaks. Moreover, it also emphasizes the pains that he faces after school. Greg writes his misadventures and shares his opinions in his Diary.

If you love watching movies like DIARY OF A WIMPY Kid”, you may also hunt for similar stories. Therefore, here we will share the five best movies like Diary of a Wimpy kid.

Wonder (2017)

Wonder is the latest movie with many similarities with a wimpy kid’s Diary. R.J. Palacio is a famous writer, and wonder is based on his book. The story features a boy born with a rare genetic syndrome that causes a deformity in his face. Moreover, he passes through several surgeries but fails to correct the deformities. The movie is engaging, especially if you are a fan of a drama movie like Diary of a Wimpy kid. It will always remind you that everyone passes through difficulties, and it has the entire story behind it.

Captain Underpants (2017)

Captain underpants is another latest and trendy movie like Diary of a wimpy kid. It is the story of two imaginative naughty kids in the third grade of school. The only thing that admires these kids is collecting the old stuff to produce the comic books. Together they have the fantastic superhero in his elementary school named captain underpants. Therefore it is one of the enthusiastic superhero movies that make it more engaging for the whole family. It features fantastic animation that makes it more attractive with funny dialogues.

School Of Rock (2003)

School of Rock is an older movie than all others on the list, but it gains similar popularity among the viewers of movies like Diary of a Wimpy kid. It features the failed musician who has long been thrown out of the band. Moreover, he finds a job and gets the money quickly as a teacher. He finds Yuki, a nine-year-old prodigy playing guitar, and later, he wins the competition. It is not an easy journey. However, you will love every actor’s performance in the movie, and it receives excellent praise from the audience.

Holes (2003)

Stanley Yelnats is the leading character of Holes movie who steals the charity shoes. He faces the struggling time between the choice of becoming a prisoner or gaining community services at a camp. The holes have many hard times for Stanley, and it shows many similarities to the Diary of a wimpy kid.

Charlie Bartlett (2007)

Charlie Bartlett is one of the fantastic movies that features a student thrown out of a private school. He is the son of a millionaire who sent him to a private school. He takes all the matters of natural lightness. One ordinary day he snatches the caps of his fellow students to bully them, and the school throws him out as punishment. Overall it is a fantastic story that attracts all the viewers.

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