The 6 Best Weather Movies In Movie History

Movies About The Weather That You Need To Know

The weather has always had a significant role in people’s lives. There are many movies about the weather available to watch. Here you can learn about some of the most famous and fantastic movies about the weather, so continue reading.

The day after tomorrow

Roland Emmerich reigns supreme whenever it refers to weather-related catastrophe films. Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal lead the team throughout a new ice age in The Day After Tomorrow. The film takes the concept of weather change and applies it to extreme weather disasters. While experts warn of imminent disaster, the US administration ignores their warnings, and a new ice age unfolds, killing millions of people. The attention to a household and their battle for existence and reunion makes this film so successful. Overall it is a fantastic movie about the weather that you can enjoy watching.


An earthquake is among the terrifying natural disasters. While mild earthquakes are prevalent in many regions around the world, being able to predict when the next major one will strike is a life or death matter. In 1974, the iconic disaster film Earthquake shocked the cinema industry. The earthquake has become an example for coming generations, with an all-star ensemble trying to live after a terrible earthquake in Los Angeles. The earthquake is also a movie about the weather.


The famous 1996 film “Twister” is the best example of a weather-related film that captures the awe-inspiring strength. One such extraordinary effects-heavy film story of a group of entirely fictitious storm chasers as they try to gather data on the most powerful twister they’ve ever seen. Twister is not only the second-highest-grossing film of 1996, but it also received many Academy Award nominations in the same year.

The Mist

Another film in which a rare weather event serves as the setting for a spectacular plot set inside a local grocery shop is The Mist. As a dense fog descends on a tiny, generally peaceful town, many inhabitants become stuck within the local grocery store. In the local grocery store, human nature and terror take control.

The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure tells the story of the SS Poseidon, a premium ocean liner that was on its last journey before being scrapped. Things do not go well in this film, as they do in most “one final mission” films. When a tsunami hits and the ship capsizes, the survivors scramble to find a route to safety before it becomes too late. The film was a big hit, winning two Academy Awards and a Golden Globe.


In this movie, the plot revolves around a future event in which climate change triggers the next ice age; however, this time, the world’s governments are aware of the impending ice age and are taking the appropriate measures. They construct a world-spanning track as well as a personality trait. The wealthy and privileged are then sold seats on the train. 

The train has two classes, rich in the front and the centre. When a group of underprivileged people attempts to board the train, they can do so but only in the livestock carriages in the back. The film then depicts the downfall of this system when the lower ranks revolt.

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