Are Holiday Expenses Covered By NDIS?

Pack and Travel! All You Need to Know About NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) covers many services in pursuit of improving disabled people’s lives. But does its comprehensive list of supports include holiday expenses?

Disabled persons and their families enjoy a wide range of supports and services through the help of NDIS. The scheme promotes the betterment of people’s lives as they try to live to the fullest. Since improving people’s living is the agency’s top priority, its funds also cover things that increase people’s viability.

The NDIA partnered with different providers to give their participants enjoyable and more comfortable lives. However, despite their disability, people want to try spending the funds for leisure and travel. Most clients want to know whether NDIS can fund their holiday expenses or not, and it somehow can — with terms and conditions.

Your NDIS plan manager should be able to explain how you can use the funds for travel. Read on for more info.

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How NDIS Covers Holiday Expenses

First and foremost, NDIA made it clear that NDIS only covers supports and services that are reasonable and necessary in a disabled person’s life. It means that, as long as the disabled person wants something that can help them and their condition, the agency can approve the use of funds.

While it sounds like NDIS doesn’t cover holidays, NDIS funds a part of their participants’ trip — specifically the costs they need while they are on a trip. A travel support worker’s salary is a reasonable expense under the NDIS plan. The staff can assist you with your needs at a timed period during your trip.

However, the travel itself, your accommodation, and the support worker’s expenses are costs you should cover with your personal funds.

Depending on the person’s holiday goals, they may claim the transport cost if their disability would make it more expensive. An example of this is the cost of a special taxi during the trip.

Some hotels and accommodations offer specialized rooms for disabled people. It can be covered by the funds as well.

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How To Use NDIS Funds for Holidays Wisely

Since NDIS cannot cover most of the holiday expenses, a participant must follow a thorough guideline before going on a trip.

The client should schedule a meeting with the assigned support worker from NDIA to ensure that they have an agreeable daily rate. Planning about budgets helps a lot in setting the expectations between the staff and the participant. Once it is all done, a service agreement and a quotation are a must for documentation purposes.

It is not advisable to travel alone, too, since it is preferable to travel with a group to reduce expenses. A trip with other disabled people may do the job since travel agencies offer discounts and holiday deals, especially for impaired individuals.

While the support worker from the NDIA does the job during the trip, it is ideal for getting a support coordinator to find the cheapest but best holiday options. This way, the trip indeed suits your budget without spoiling the enjoyable experience a disabled person wants to have.

To connect you to a travel support worker and help clarify the entirety of NDIS, consult an NDIS plan manager.

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