A Short Review of The Practising Mind by Thomas M Sterner 

The Practising Mind: Book Review

What I liked the most about the book- The author suggests the reader experience life to be happy. 

The author asserts that life is a process, a journey, and one must experience life to see magic in one’s life. The familiar words and terms like peace and content can be derived only when human beings believe in sharing life. 

Happiness is not achieved by following it as a goal. Instead, it is an experience to be happy while doing work in the present and not to run after a goal that once the goal is attained, then happiness would come. Living life in this way would make a person stress-free. It is the attachment that makes a person stressed. The extension may be of a goal one wants to pursue or when facing difficult times during one’s life. 

So the author says to shift one’s attention to performing work rather than pursuing a goal. Thus, the person would find joy and happiness in life as a process rather than a goal. In the author’s opinion, this way, the person gains a new skill. The attainment of this new skill profoundly affected individual lives, and the individual would feel magic in their life.

The author suggests a person uses the mind as a tool or instrument. Human energy flows and moves through the mind. So the mind, when in tune with the present times, is single-pointed and focussed. This way, human energy does not get wasted, both physically or mentally. 

Often a person is deemed to have control when their thoughts are under the control of his mind. It is a paradoxical situation of human life that the qualities of patience and discipline must have to give patience vice versa. 

The author believes that making a goal as the thing of joy does not bring happiness. The author wants a human being not to run after a goal, thinking that happiness would come once that goal is achieved. So the said goal is not a magical point. Hence, the individual must think in terms of practice. The practice means awareness and will. Both, therefore, the procedure takes an individual towards a goal. Thus by concentrating on the process, one may not get stressed or worked up. One must fully know the direction in which the energy is moving.

Hence, creating a practising mind is possible when one is process-oriented and works to remain present. 

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